Second Verse Same as the First

All things considered, this week is very similar to last week. We have two couples in the house, Brenchel is in full effect and Lawon is contributing just as much now as he did all season. Lawon’s departure from the game was not surprising given the antics of the HouseGuests in Week 5, but Brendon’s return with over a million votes cast in his favor was a shocker to those online. Many (including this blogger) assumed that the vote would come down to Cassi and Dom. Clearly, we were mistaken.

In retrospect, however, this isn’t much of a surprise at all. There are two things that Big Brother fans adore more than anything- drama, and stupidity. Brendon’s return provides the drama. Unfortunately, Kalia provided the stupidity in spades this week. Kalia wasted the week, lost an ally and put in a weak competitor against a strong returning game player. Part of this is not her fault- the HouseGuests had no idea that former players would return, and putting Lawon in against a returning Brendon was unforeseeable. Still…

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You Play To Win The Game

We are on Day 24 of Big Brother 13, and already we’ve seen game playing the likes of which you don’t normally get this early. There has been backstabbing, hinky voting; the game has kicked into high gear.  Normally it’s tough to judge the game being played this early on. However, as a feedwatcher and fan it is my Grodner-given right to play armchair houseguest and calls ’em likes I sees ’em! Here’s my take on the Big Brother 13 houseguests’  games so far:

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Brendon Didn’t Use Veto

In today’s Veto Ceremony Brendan declined to use the power, leaving Adam and Dominic up for nomination. Both of them have struck deals with Brendan and Rachel, and think that the other is going home, but Daniele’s plotting has worked against Dom in the worst way. Daniele’s attempt to cause a rift in the Veterans alliance was a move that she used too early in the game, and her obvious campaigning for Dominic has failed completely. Daniele pushed much too hard for Jeff to be evicted, which clued the Vets in to her scheme.

Rachel and Brendan hope to keep Dom in the dark about his eviction. Jeff confronted Dom about rumors that he and Jordan would be backdoored. Dom scrambled for an answer, claiming that he had no idea where the theory had come from, and in the end left feeling completely vulnerable. Jeff all but told him that all his secrets had been exposed.

Meanwhile, Adam (who said he had his fly open the entire Veto Ceremony) went to the HOH room to be find out if he was safe. Brendan reassured him that they want him to achieve his goal of spending his 40th birthday in the Big Brother House.  Adam also had no qualms about throwing Dani under the bus, going so far as saying that she is his #1 target. There’s almost no hope for Dominic now, he’ll be headed home on Thursday.

Brendan Repeats Word, Wins Veto

Once again, Domenic and Adam are the unlucky duo nominated for eviction. With Rachel winning HoH again, the Veteran alliance continues to keep control of the house. Brendan kept it going in the veto competition, repeating last years word length competition win by recycling his winning word: ‘Understanding’.

Rachel and Brendan have all of the power this week, they can decide what to do together, but the chances of the Veto being used are very small.  Rachel nominated Dom and Adam, she doesn’t trust either of them, but it’s up in the air as to who will go home.

Dominic’s relationship with Danielle is a worry, along with his strength in physical competitions and the fact that he’s not easily read. Adam, on the other hand, is apparently an open book to his fellow houseguests. They’re all concerned about his knowledge of the Big Brother game and how well he will be able to do in mental competitions. One of them is almost certain to leave this week.

Dom & Adam OFF – Cassi & Shelly ON

Domenic and Adam winning Veto put the Duo of Cassi and Shelly in the precarious position of being replacement nominees. Cassi, who is viewed as a  threat because of her relationship with Dom and obvious alliance to the newbies, has not formed solid relationships with the Veterans until recently, while Shelly has secretly aligned herself with them since the first week.  Cassi is the most likely to go home, her only hope is if the house discovers that Shelly was the second wonky vote evicting Keith, and even then the veterans will likely still have the numbers to keep her.

Jordan as HOH has been getting closer to Cassi and agonized over the fact that personally she wants to keep her, but has no choice but to nominate her and Shelly since Dom and Adam won Veto.  Knowing that the second week of play is too early to break her and Jeff’s alliance with Rachel and Brendan she can`t consider the suggestion of backdooring one of them yet, and taking out a weaker player like Lawon or Kalia ìsn`t smart.

Rachel and Cassi have been going back and forth bickering for the past few days, including a confrontation last night in the Have Not room. Now that Cassi is going home Rachel is obviously happy about it, apparently gloating after the Veto Ceremony before the feeds came on, and she blithely joked less than an hour later to Jordan `Thank you for not nominating us even though I was a jerk`.

Shelly, after being put on the block told Cassi that `you can make any deal that you want, I`m not going to hold it against you`, all the while knowing that the chance of Cassi staying is pretty much nil. Cassi, on he other hand refuses to campaign against Shelly because she considers her to be the `best person in the house`, unknowing that Shelly has sold her out multiple times to the Veterans.

Dom & Adam Win Veto

Winning the Veto Competition was Adam and Domenic’s only hope for both of them to stay in the game.  Also playing were Jordan as HOH with Jeff, and Rachel and Brendon, whose chip was drawn.  Going in, Jeff and Jordan wanted to keep the nominations the same. Rachel and Brendan thought that taking Adam and Dom off would be good for their game. Dom wanted to win and take himself off the block and Adam would do his best to THROW the veto to get the golden key.

With Dom and Adam coming off the chopping block, another Duo will have to be nominated. Cassi is the next target on the Vet’s list, however Jordan has been getting buddy-buddy with Cassi since she won HOH. Shelly is in the Vets back pocket and they are sure that they will have the numbers to get her a golden key.

Rachel took a penalty to stay in the game and is eating slop for the next two weeks, though she ultimately lost the veto. No alcohol for her, you know Brenda is happy.


Okay total cutie. He had me at “don’t consider myself attractive” but then he went on: can’t stand cackley voices like Rachel’s and can’t stand Jessie. Alright already. Could he really be a Bio Chem major who’s never watched BB and still lives with mom and dad at the age of 25? He thinks he’s going to lay low the first few weeks, let someone else be the target, then he’s going to fight for it. Come on. This isn’t a scripted show is it? Oh wait…