Fandom, Tiers and the Importance of Access

The Big Brother fandom has always been one where there are tiers to the group. There are the casual fans, those who have seen a few episodes each season or maybe tune in to just the eviction nights. There are the TV Fans, who have seen each episode of the show but do not subscribe to the Feeds. There are the Superfans, which is a term that encompasses many tiers within itself – old-school fans from the earliest seasons, more recent fans who have gotten addicted after a later season, etc. These fans typically are feeds subscribers, read and participate on websites that discuss the show, discuss the shows on social media, listen to shows or podcasts that discuss the show and in general are heavily invested in this summer show.

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Good Intentions

There is an old saying, that “the Road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” It isn’t often that a proverb can be used to describe a reality game show, but both of tonight’s evictions can certainly be tied to it. One eviction was somewhat expected, and the other was a blindside. However, both can be seen as originating from good intentions.

Two major players removed from the game in a short period of time will lead to drama, and from all reports tonight’s feeds following the live show lived up to that in spades. Had Daniele been the only power player to leave tonight, that alone would have created an interesting night. Add to that the defeat of Jeff (and the breakup of the last pair in the house), and all Hell has broken loose. Power has shifted, possibly for the rest of the game, and as a result we now have a new layout for the game.

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Chaos In The House

This is when it all falls apart. It’s because of the slop, the cold showers, the lies, the house stench, the days that turn into nights, and the gradual slip of reality. All of it begins to numb at your brain, erasing who you are and what you know.

But the good news is you might win $500K. And that’s what people keep telling themselves when they have to get up every morning in the Big Brother house. Though I think at this point money goes second to pride. There’s some real shoving going on in there, and I think just about everyone is ready to prove themselves. Rachel hates losing, but sometimes she fights so hard it goes beyond the game. She could never concede to anyone, for anything, and that makes her a great player but a huge threat.

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Jeff Uses Veto, Switches Porsche for Daniele

In a bold game move today Jeff, both HOH and Veto Holder, changed his nominations: taking down perpetual floater Porsche and replacing her with Daniele. After the ill-fated attempt to backdoor Jeff earlier in the game, Daniele tried to gain back trust with Jeff and Jordan by making no move against them while she was in power, but it was all for naught.

With the house divided and her alliance member Kalia on the block beside her, Daniele now has to try to sway votes in her direction, recruiting Porsche to do her campaigning for her and focus on Adam and Shelly. Both aligned with the Veterans, they are the only hope that either nominee has to keep them since three votes is enough this week to send someone to Jury.

Jeff clearly wants Daniele gone, and the chances of her staying are very small. Adam and Shelly will most likely follow his wishes and Rachel will revel in voting out the woman who sent her fiance out of the game – twice. Things don’t look good for Dani now, but in the game of Big Brother things can turn on a dime. This week look for whining, trash-talk and campaigning, not to mention lots of drama.

Jeff Wins Veto

Jeff followed up his HOH win on Thursday with another, winning the Veto in a ZingBot puzzle competition. After nominating Kalia and Porsche yesterday, he took complete control of this week today, assuring that there will be no surprises at the Monday Veto Ceremony.

With a possible backstab of Daniele in the works, Jeff now faces the choice of who to take off the block. Porsche, who has shown her drive to win competitions by finishing in second place multiple times, or Kalia who risked Jeff’s game by putting him on the block against Rachel.

Daniele, on the other hand, needs to some serious face-time with Jeff and Jordan. Aware that a backstab is possible, she should take the time until the Veto Ceremony to solidify a deal that would be win-win for all of them. If she doesn’t, she’s most likely going on the block, and her game may be over on Thursday night.

Rerun Week

In the history of Big Brother, there have been few HouseGuests that have managed to come back into the game in the same season. Big Brother has only performed the Revive-a-Player move in four seasons. Twice, the returning player has managed to last more than a single week. BB3’s Amy was the most successful, and she only got to Fourth place. Oftentimes, the returning player is seen as a “major threat” that “must be sent packing.”

The problem with a returning HouseGuest, of course, is that the rest of the house loses whatever momentum had been building. Energy must now be spent in getting the returned player back to whence they came, and in that sense the week they go is lost. Based on this logic, it is easy to see why Danielle’s own analysis was that the last two weeks were a failure.

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Adam Wins Veto

In a Corn-Hole Trade-Off Veto Competition there were clear winners and clear losers.  Adam pulled out his first Veto win of the season, saving himself in the game.  Shelly turned out to be both, having to endure 24 hours of solitary confinement in the Have Not Room but also looking forward to a phone call from home. Jeff won $5,000, Kalia a trip to the Caribbean and Daniele a Veto Ticket, able to choose to play in a Veto when not chosen to.

Jordan, however, has been given the latest Big Brother leotard– bright green with “I`m With Stupid” and an arrow pointing up on the front, “Kick Me” in the back, and a `propeller dunce-cap. She’s accessorized perfectly, with a bright pink tutu and matching pink fuzzy slippers. According to Jordan she “couldn`t have asked for anything better” and she does totally rock it.

Adam coming off the block will force Daniele to name a replacement nominee. With Brendon back in the game he is the primary target, however before nominations he and Rachel proposed a deal to Dani. We’ll find out whether they really have a deal on Monday. As of Saturday afternoon, it seems almost certain that Daniele has been blowing smoke up Brenda’s butt and will put him on the block and send him to the Jury House next Thursday.

Kalia Me, On The Line!

A newbie finally won HOH, when in a strange sort of psychic pattern, Kalia answered questions on last Thursday night’s quiz like Ralph Fiennes in the movie Quiz Show. Everyone was thrown off track, including Rachel who promised to avenge Brendon’s eviction.

Then came groveling visits to the HOH room. Rachel made a special appearance, looking very plain sans makeup. She repeatedly used the word respect in regards to Kalia’s win and game play, “I respect you. I really, really respect you.” Yet just a few hours before, Rachel had no respect at all for the sex blogger. I guess when your ash is on the line, anything goes. Frankly I was glad to see Rachel fighting to stay. I was beginning to worry that she had given up. Not so!

In a surprise twist, Jordan was the one who showed some rebellion. She got in Kalia’s face in response to being told Jeff would be a pawn. The reason being that Jeff would win Veto, take himself off the block, and somehow Rachel would go home. It didn’t make any sense, but that’s almost what happened. Jeff won the veto, but Lawon went on the block and appears to be targeted for eviction.

Daniele’s father denounced her game play endlessly this week. He was correct in his assessment, but it doesn’t take a genius to see why a rift has formed in the Donato family. Maybe he could learn to tame his words just once for his own blood, because what he’s doing now sure doesn’t work.

Back to Kalia. Rather than serving her HOH rein in a calm, strategic manner, she wasted time with emotional reasoning. She completely forgot that no matter who she evicts this week, they might come back to haunt her on the very same evening. She made a total mess of it, and I predict a wild show tonight. No matter who comes back, they’ll be all about respect and intent on revenge.

Lawon Goes Up

Jeff took himself off the block earlier this morning. Unbelievably, Lawon volunteered to be the replacement nominee, so Kalia put him on the block. Lawon is under the mistaken impression that if he’s evicted, he’ll walk right back into the game. Trusting Shelly is the worst move that Kalia could have made.

Daniele and Kalia plan to ambush Rachel on Thursday and offer a deal for her to stay. Kalia openly wonders if that’s a good idea saying, “But what if Shelly and Adam make a deal with her first?” So sorry Kalia, it’s already been done. No doubt about it, the first time a noobie won HOH has been, and will continue to be, packed with drama.

Lawon Wins Big Brother Darwin Award

The last twelve hours have had some of the strangest twists & turns ever to occur on any of the thirteen Big Brother seasons. Shelly got the ball rolling with a masterful mental control move on Kalia. It worked far more powerfully than Shelly might have hoped, because at the end of the night Kalia had screwed herself and Dani into the ground, to the point of oblivion.

Worse, Lawon volunteered to make a suicide move without blinking, in fact he’s happy about it. Darwin’s theory depends on people as foolish as Lawon removing themselves from the gene pool, and he epitomizes the process. The pertinent Tweets are below, mostly in sequence, as the deal went down. All by @bbchatter unless otherwise noted.

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