Jeff Wins Veto

Kalia winning HOH was yet another blow to the veteran alliance, and she proved her allegiance to Daniele when she nominated Rachel and Jeff.  Her reasoning for nominating Jeff was that he’s a strong competitor and would have the best chance of beating Rachel in the Veto. Which he did, playing against Kalia, Rachel, Jordan, Shelly and Adam.

Jeff will take himself off the block and Kalia is going to choose a replacement nominee. The obvious choice is Jordan, however Kalia has vowed in the past that she would never nominate her. Before the nominations, when Jeff and Jordan spoke to Kalia she tried to explain her reasoning for putting Jeff up, but it turned in to a confrontation with Jordan. After Jordan stormed out, Jeff swore vengeance, telling Kalia she was his number one target, even above Daniele. He left with the parting shot “I’ll see you at the Veto.”

Kalia will have to decide whether to honor her promise to Jordan, by putting a newbie on the block as a pawn, or assuring Rachel’s eviction by nominating Jordan on Monday. Stay tuned, the next two days are going to be a very bumpy ride!

Big Brother Balance

Was this game really fair? Usually when veterans are brought back, they’re grouped into a house that’s comprised of other veterans for an All Star show. But this year someone had the sick idea to throw a handful of wide-eyed newbies into the mix, like fingers dangling into a piranha tank. Now, with Dani’s recent win—tailing the end of her golden key immunity—the newbie’s might have a decent chance to get back in the game. But who trusts Dani, really? Everyone had two secret alliances and now it’s all been blown to hell. Dani looks like a love ’em and chew ’em up kind of gal. I don’t know if I’d give her my third child if she asked me to.

I think we all want to see Brendon leave the house, if only to watch Rachel implode from the wake. Hey, that might not be such a bad idea. Dani gets rid of Brendon and teams up with Rachel. I sense a bit of feministic fascination coming from the beautiful brunette Donato. It would be a real Thelma and Louise situation, only it would be Rachel and Dani. And no Brad Pitt. But we do still have Jordan and Jeff, and I can close my eyes and pretend he’s in the room. Also, there’s no convertible to drive off a cliff. And there’s no cliff. Hell, they could just swing off the balcony or something. Girl power. Yeah.

But again, this would put the noobies in trouble. I’d start sleeping with my eyes open if I were them. I’d develop hyper listening skills, hang around the storage room, start making deals with shadows. Or, OR, I’d never throw a veto competition ever again. How’s that for a plan?

Brendon Wins Veto

When Daniele won Head of Household after setting the Couples alliance against her, it was unsurprising that she nominated Brendan and Rachel for eviction.  Both fierce competitors, they played the Veto competition along with Daniele, Jeff, Porsche and Adam. Unsurprisingly, Brendan added another win to his record and there is now a sliver of hope for the Couples Alliance.

Although it’s most likely that Brenchel will be split up this week, Daniele has few options for replacement nominations. Dani, who assured Jordan directly after the HOH competition that she and Jeff wouldn’t be split up for the summer, may not want to risk anything that might send Jordan home. Daniele said point blank that she will not put Jeff up since there would be too much risk. Shelly, who has raised suspicion with her game play, is a much better option and so is Porsche.

One thing is certain this week: tension is ratcheting up in the Big Brother house. The other Veterans are uncomfortable around Daniele, Kalia and Lawon. But a lot can change in the two days between now and Monday’s Veto Ceremony.

Falling Dominos

It has often been said that the game of Big Brother changes from week to week. Those in power one week can become pariahs the next; those who suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune can become the top dogs a week later. For two years, no one has exemplified this statement more than Brendon and Rachel. When they’re in power, they relish the power– but once they lose, it becomes a sob story for the ages.

Coincidentally their collapse came in week three of both seasons. Unsurprisingly, however, it followed the combined inflation of the Brenchel head to a sphere the size of Pluto. No matter when it happens, one thing is certain: watching Rachel and Brendon squirm is delicious. Big Brother TV viewers will see it on Sunday’s show but the feedsters saw the entirety of the HoH endurance comp play out.

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You Play To Win The Game

We are on Day 24 of Big Brother 13, and already we’ve seen game playing the likes of which you don’t normally get this early. There has been backstabbing, hinky voting; the game has kicked into high gear.  Normally it’s tough to judge the game being played this early on. However, as a feedwatcher and fan it is my Grodner-given right to play armchair houseguest and calls ’em likes I sees ’em! Here’s my take on the Big Brother 13 houseguests’  games so far:

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Brendon Didn’t Use Veto

In today’s Veto Ceremony Brendan declined to use the power, leaving Adam and Dominic up for nomination. Both of them have struck deals with Brendan and Rachel, and think that the other is going home, but Daniele’s plotting has worked against Dom in the worst way. Daniele’s attempt to cause a rift in the Veterans alliance was a move that she used too early in the game, and her obvious campaigning for Dominic has failed completely. Daniele pushed much too hard for Jeff to be evicted, which clued the Vets in to her scheme.

Rachel and Brendan hope to keep Dom in the dark about his eviction. Jeff confronted Dom about rumors that he and Jordan would be backdoored. Dom scrambled for an answer, claiming that he had no idea where the theory had come from, and in the end left feeling completely vulnerable. Jeff all but told him that all his secrets had been exposed.

Meanwhile, Adam (who said he had his fly open the entire Veto Ceremony) went to the HOH room to be find out if he was safe. Brendan reassured him that they want him to achieve his goal of spending his 40th birthday in the Big Brother House.  Adam also had no qualms about throwing Dani under the bus, going so far as saying that she is his #1 target. There’s almost no hope for Dominic now, he’ll be headed home on Thursday.

Dom & Adam Win Veto

Winning the Veto Competition was Adam and Domenic’s only hope for both of them to stay in the game.  Also playing were Jordan as HOH with Jeff, and Rachel and Brendon, whose chip was drawn.  Going in, Jeff and Jordan wanted to keep the nominations the same. Rachel and Brendan thought that taking Adam and Dom off would be good for their game. Dom wanted to win and take himself off the block and Adam would do his best to THROW the veto to get the golden key.

With Dom and Adam coming off the chopping block, another Duo will have to be nominated. Cassi is the next target on the Vet’s list, however Jordan has been getting buddy-buddy with Cassi since she won HOH. Shelly is in the Vets back pocket and they are sure that they will have the numbers to get her a golden key.

Rachel took a penalty to stay in the game and is eating slop for the next two weeks, though she ultimately lost the veto. No alcohol for her, you know Brenda is happy.

BB Vultures

After watching the first show of the season, I have to say I think this will be a great cast. Along with the usual spitfires Allison Grodner seems to manufacture in a back closet somewhere, we were shown three duos consisting of past players. Evel Dick was in that mix. Declaring himself the only winner, despite the fact that Jordan was standing just a few feet away, he had already set a tone of dominance that would have, no doubt, been challenged many times in the next few months. But it wasn’t meant to be. Dani said she would get rid of him first chance, and whether or not it was her doing, the fact currently is, Dick is Dead. Or course as you know nothing in BB is set in stone. Things change. Players do come back.

Like many, I am happy to see Jeff and Jordan returning to the house. No one can forget the season these two battled between Natalie and her bestie Kevin. J & J provided much fun to a sometimes hostile house of lies and shouting matches. Ronnie, Chima, Lydia, Russell, and Michele were also part of that friction, yet Jeff and Jordan kept cool in the hammock with delightful talks peppered with laughter and romance. All while playing a smart game.

I remember the day when Jordan was counting fingers for mismatched convos Ratboy had conducted, and suddenly a light bulb went off. She really gave it to him that afternoon. She had guts and wasn’t afraid to take a stance. The entire house was unified, and I loved her for that. When she finally won HOH and received a letter from home stating her family had found a place to live, that was a beautiful moment. Despite some erratic, and let’s just say, dumb actions (can we say q-tips in the wall folks?) I think Jordan and Jeff could do really well this summer just as they did in BB 11.

But they need to watch their back, because Rachel and Brendon will rip these two apart like vultures later in the game and the rest of the house will smile and lick the bones clean. That’s just the nature of the game. Something tells me it won’t be long before we see the evil lurking within the newbies.