Legends Of The Fail

In the game of Big Brother, there have been countless examples of partnerships and alliances that rose spectacularly early on only to flame out just as quickly. These alliances are legendary for their failure, rather than any success they may have had. The biggest example of an alliance collapse is the “Regulators” of Big Brother 13, a group of 4 who were assured of their ability to run the House only to be completely removed from the game by Week 5 – and whose sole enemy in the House returned to outlast their final player. Kail’s alliance of Big Brother 8 was just as unsuccessful, in the long run.

In the examination of game history, the season will have to fully play out before we can judge the uselessness of the Moving Company. However, it can definitely be viewed as a near-total failure to this point.

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Kaitlyn Wins & Uses Veto – Jeremy, Aaryn & Spencer Up

After being nominated alongside Aaryn and the MVP choice, Spencer, Kaitlyn won the timed House Guest Photo Manipulation challenge and had the chance to save herself in the game…. But at what cost?

For what seems to be the first time in Big Brother History, a Showmance, a backdoor plan, and a Veto win collide. Kaitlyn won the Veto, knowing if she used it on herself her ‘man’ Jeremy would be the replacement nominee and be evicted – if she didn’t, she’d knowingly pull a Marcellas, and be voted out herself.

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