Double Shot

With the end of the season nigh, events in the Big Brother House are speeding forward. This week was no exception, and fans of the show and feeds saw major events happen in the span of two days.

The end of the week saw two evictions, Kalia and Jordan. In both cases the writing could be seen on the wall, but in one case the writing was apparently not in a language the extremely verbose observer could understand. In the other, the writing had been there and read thoroughly for weeks.

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Porsche, Adam & Rachel At F3

This summer is, I’m sure, the best of Adam’s life. He met Tori Spelling, stepped foot in the Big Brother House, and during the second to last Head of Household competition secured himself a spot in the final three. He proved himself a player during the competition, not getting a single true/false question wrong. He said it was his competition to lose, and he made sure he didn’t.

In the final Veto competition of the season, Porsche came out on top, earning another win for her BB resume. On the block with Jordan, it was no surprise that during the live show she used the Veto on herself, with Rachel automatically replacing her.

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Adam is HOH, Porsche Won Veto

This summer is, I’m sure, the best of Adam’s life. He met Tori Spelling, stepped foot in the Big Brother House, and during the second to last Head of Household competition has secured himself a spot in the final three. He proved himself a player during the competition, not getting a single true/false question wrong. He said that it was his competition to loose, and he made sure that he didn’t.

In the Final Veto competition of the season Porsche came out on top, earning another win for her BB resume. Though we don’t know for sure who Adam nominated (though all signs point to Jordan and Porsche)  by eviction time on the live show it will be Rachel and Jordan on the Block, with Porsche either having used the Veto on herself or not having used it at all.

Porsche will be the sole vote for eviction tonight, so things are looking good for Rachel, who she has been friendly with (most of the time) during the game. Jordan has never been close to Porsche and voted to evict her, forcing Rachel to break the tie and evict Kalia. Though Jordan seems to be an easier competitor to beat in the final HOH, her lack of a relationship with Porsche will most likely send her to the Jury house.

Porsche has had an alliance with Adam since the beginning of the game, and is probably counting on that, along with her friendship with Rachel, to lead her to the final two if she doesn’t win the last HOH herself. It’ll all go down live tonight, when our Final Three will be revealed.

Adam Didn’t Use Veto

It’s no surprise that Adam declined to use the Veto today. Knowing that if he did, Jordan, who he is close with, would be the automatic replacement nominee, he wisely chose not to use it. When the feeds came back Kalia was in the HN room, realizing that her time at Big Brother was at an end. Adam and Porsche were talking in the Purple Room, while Rachel and Jordan shaved their legs in the HOH bathtub talking about Adam and Porsche’s alliance.

With Kalia’s eviction, Adam and Porsche will be the last newbies remaining in the house; they’ve been aligned together since early in the game. Adam made a point to tell her that she shouldn’t be offended or worried because as soon as they split up he went up to the HOH to talk with Jordan and Rachel.

It comes down to Adam, Porsche and Jordan in the HOH competition, and it will tell a lot about his game if Adam wins. We will finally see him make a game move in the last week of the game, if it comes to pass. It’s looking good for him if Rachel and Jordan want to stick with him in the game, and he’s still with Porsche. However with this few people in the game everybody but the reigning HOH is at risk of going on the block.

Adam Wins OTEV Veto

In a pie-based OTEV challenge, Adam came out on top and now holds all the power in the game. Playing the ultimate floater has worked in his favor, leading him to the final five and the last guy in the house. He has firmly aligned himself with Jordan since Jeff was sent to Jury, and has promised a final three deal with her including Rachel.

He has also aligned himself with Porsche since early in the game, and he has the chance to take her from the block, with Jordan as an automatic replacement nominee. After winning and before the feeds, he apparently went to Jordan and assured her of his commitment to be in the final three with her and Rachel, going so far as  giving her his girlfriend, Farrah’s, necklace as a pledge of his intent.

If Adam continues to play as he has, he will not use the Veto on Monday, since that would be an actual game move. He will, of course, promise Porsche’s safety saying that he will not vote against her, knowing that Kalia is the Vets main target for the week. He also will not want to risk the wrath of Jordan and Rachel by breaking his promise to them and painting a target on his back.  He should be pretty safe if he lays low this week, though with the double eviction week coming up that could change quickly.

Rachel Rights Her Wrong

When Rachel and Brendon first walked into the Big Brother house this season I, like so many folks, let out a little scream of protest at my TV monitor, “What? Ya gotta be kiddin me!” Rachel had been such an emotional player, a bridge burner, a bitch, irrational and unlikeable. She seemed repelled by other females, like a cat in heat on the loose. Sadly her anthem became the famous, “No one gets between me and my man.” For all that she didn’t even win, and here she was walking right back into our three-day habit looking very un-remorseful. But CBS gave us Jeff and Jordan, and Evel Dick and Daniele, and a whole bunch of sparkly newbies to distract our annoyance. It would be okay, it really would.

True to form, Rachel started to play herself out in the beginning, picking stupid fights with other HG’s, crying at failed competitions, playing too hard and too fast. Yep, this was the same Rachel we had come to hate, and the producers played it up as best they could, even inserting a special theme of dramatic music: aka Rachel’s Theme.

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Actions Have Consequences

In the end, Shelly can only say she did it to herself. During almost the entirety of the season to date, Shelly was able to manipulate her way through multiple alliances without garnering any real blowback. She masterfully weaved a tapestry of game play that saved allies and caused chaos for in-house enemies without her face being seen as the target- until one week ago.

It was a move Shelly made nine days ago that sealed her fate. By moving from her initial vote-switching target of Adam to Rachel, Shelly made her game moves transparent. Suddenly, her lack of loyalty that had been seen as “working recon” had been exposed for what it really was- a game move designed solely for her advancement. In truth, it wasn’t a bad move to make as I discussed last week. It was, however, poorly executed.

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I Love Big Brother

Shelly has done a real number on this house. I can’t figure out if she’s a horrible player or a great player. I mean, there’s a difference. A horrible player is someone who lies too much, forgets details, someone who is sloppy with their game play. A good game player is someone who’s done all that on purpose to completely brainf*ck the others into a whirlpool of indecision and back-stabbing insecurity. It is very possible Shelly knows exactly what she is doing and hasn’t been sloppy at all. It’s very possible she’s like this in real life as well. Do I care? No. Live and let live. Karma baby. And it is just a game. As far as all us watchers are concerned, it’s just a game. Repeat that. Anyone could win. Yay. It’s just a game.

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Rachel Wins Endurance Veto

Yesterday’s surprise opening of Pandora’s Box paired up the remaining houseguests before nominations and gave the HoH “duo” of Porsche and Kalia $5,000 each. Jordan and Rachel, the two remaining Veterans, were nominated for eviction as a duo by Porsche. Because of the Pandora Duo twist, a nominee winning the veto would save both nominees, removing them from the block together.

Rachel hung on for a victory late this afternoon in an endurance-style Veto competition. She and Jordan will be safe for another week. The only remaining duo, Adam and Shelly, will replace them on the block during Monday’s Veto Ceremony. With the numbers in the house dwindling, only two votes are needed this week to send someone to Jury, so power shifts to the Veterans.

Shelly is the most likely to leave, having burned her bridges with Jordan by evicting Jeff and siding with Daniele last week. She hasn’t been on Rachel’s good side in a long while. Shelly has never tried to mend fences with Rachel, being confrontational and sometimes openly hostile. She even went so far as to steal Rachel’s stuffed puppy from her bed.

Directly after the feeds returned, Adam was already jokingly pleading to Rachel and Jordan for their vote. Shelly, knowing her likely fate, turned in frustration to bitter insults and accusations towards Rachel, her favorite target.

Good Intentions

There is an old saying, that “the Road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” It isn’t often that a proverb can be used to describe a reality game show, but both of tonight’s evictions can certainly be tied to it. One eviction was somewhat expected, and the other was a blindside. However, both can be seen as originating from good intentions.

Two major players removed from the game in a short period of time will lead to drama, and from all reports tonight’s feeds following the live show lived up to that in spades. Had Daniele been the only power player to leave tonight, that alone would have created an interesting night. Add to that the defeat of Jeff (and the breakup of the last pair in the house), and all Hell has broken loose. Power has shifted, possibly for the rest of the game, and as a result we now have a new layout for the game.

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