BB19 Begins June 28th

Big Brother USA casting begins now for season 19. The show will start on Wednesday, June 28th. Rumors are that pre-show sequester will begin around June 5th. The BB Chatter discussion board is scheduled to open on June 19th, but may open sooner if news leaks out during the sequester period. Are you ready for the 18th year of watching foolish people do silly things on the internut? We are!


BB Over The Top Weekly Schedule

BBOTT exclusively on All Access begins September 28, all times are Pacific:

Monday 1pm: Veto comp
Monday 7pm: Weekly Replay daily recap
Tuesday 1pm: Veto meeting
Tuesday 7pm: Weekly Replay daily recap
Tuesday 7.30pm: Live Diaries
Wednesday 7pm: Weekly recap
Wednesday 8pm: Live eviction
Wednesday 9pm: HOH comp
Thursday various times: Julie QA with hamsters, and evictee interview
Thursday 7pm: Weekly Replay daily recap
Friday 7pm: Weekly Replay daily recap
Friday 7.30pm: Live Diaries
Saturday 1pm: Have-not reveal
Saturday 7pm: Safety ceremony
Sunday 7pm: Final safety ceremony/nominations


Closing Time, 2016 Edition

Summer 2016 has come to a close, and with it the eighteenth season Big Brother ends with the closest vote in many seasons and a historic winner in Nicole, a returning player who beat a strong new player in Paul and became the first woman to beat a man in the final vote. It saw a new America’s Favorite Player in Victor, a man whose own season was historic for his multiple returns to the house in one season. It saw the It saw the promotion of the first all-online season of Big Brother, to premiere in less than a week.

With all of this came the end of one of the least popular seasons in Big Brother, and the hope that future seasons learn from the mistakes of Summer 2016.