Jeremy Wins & Vetos Himself – Elissa, Helen & Nick Up

Its that time of year again, folks, the hamsters are in the cage, the fish in the fishbowl, the guinea pigs under the microscopes, and the crazy awesome fans plastered to various digital devices, trying to get our fix. Yes, summer is finally here, and with the heat comes the real action. Yes, ladies & gentlemen, Big Brother 15 has finally arrived.

And with it, all the drama, trash talking, showmances and…. Racism?? Oi. It’s already shaping up to be a crazy season. Now, since one of the little blondes at the center of all the ‘Real Life’ controversy has gone from her ‘boyfriend’ being blindsided to residing in the HOH, drama was OBVI!!! The power goes to her head, she turns on the bitchy and goes for the easy target. Another girl, of course, Aaryn is too young and insecure to play the Big Brother game with her brain, instead of her emotions.