Boom Boom, Pao

At the beginning of the season, two things were made pretty clear. The first was that there was a major alliance, one that was already influencing the direction of the game and was intent on eliminating the so-called “weaker” players in the House. Led by Devin and Caleb, this Alliance – known as the Bomb Squad – was planning a systematic elimination of those outside of it by nominating weaker players and pitting them against much stronger players in the Battle of the Block competition. The second was that the alliance even had an “inside player” in the form of Paola, who was willing to throw competitions in the name of safety. This strategy worked… for about 1 1/2 HoH cycles.

By the end of Devin’s HoH reign the script had changed, the Bomb Squad had essentially exploded and Paola was out of the House – and in tracing back the root cause, the reasons were timeless in the annals of failed BB alliances.