The Harp From Hell

“You gotta admit, I played this stinkin’ city like a harp from Hell!”

– Penguin (Danny DeVito), “Batman Returns”

The best villains in classic literature often tend to be those who don’t reveal their true ambition to the hero until the final act. If one were to look at this season as literature or a story written out, then Dan has proved to be the season’s Iago. Seen as an ally to the “heroic” couple of Danielle and Shane, Dan fully revealed his true intentions to the heroine in the final act. With his move to get removed from nomination and then to eliminate the one remaining power couple in the house, Dan has paved his way to victory by placing himself in a safe position to make the Final Two. His diabolical plan to subvert his main ally is complete, and his move seals his fate as one of the biggest villains in BB History.

At least, that’s what you’ll learn if you ask Danielle tonight.

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Dan & Ian Nominated, Danielle Won Veto

Danielle, after winning her second HOH of the season, followed it up with a second Veto win. Keeping all the power in her hands, she can now decide whether to keep her nominations of former coach Dan and resident genius Ian the same. With Shane the only person safe at the moment, using it is unlikely. However with Dan still in the house, it is entirely possible that he can talk his way off the block.

Having previously had a plan together to take out Shane before the final three, Dan could use that to sway Danielle. It could already be the plan. Even so, Danielle is known for being emotional, and her attachment to Shane could override her day-one alliance with Dan. Continue reading “Dan & Ian Nominated, Danielle Won Veto”

Shane Down, Danielle Up

Shane chose to use the Veto today, taking himself off the Block and securing his place in the final four. With the Quack Pack back together, Ian chose Danielle as the replacement nominee, keeping his ‘Final Two’ partner Dan safe. With Danielle on the Block next to Jenn and only Shane and Dan voting this week, it’s probably the safest she’s felt while sitting in the hot seat so far this summer.

After promising Jenn that she would never vote her out, Dani’s in a good position with her as a Jury Vote because she won’t have to go back on her word. Yet Jenn is not giving up (though she should), vowing to campaign to stay and feeling like she has a lot of game left in her. Of course, if she has actually played the game during the first two thirds, that argument would be worth a lot more.
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Shane Won Veto

With Big Brother winding down, the final five played for Veto. Ian having nominated Shane and Jenn, the worst case scenario for the Quack Pack was Jenn winning, forcing one of their numbers to leave. That didn’t come about when Shane took the win in what sounds like a physical puzzle challenge. Lucky for him, as Dan and Danielle have been considering taking him out before Final Four. Assuming he won’t pull a Marcellas and not use the Veto on himself (though overestimating Shane is easy to do) Ian will have to choose either Danielle or Dan to take his place.

Ian has put his faith in to the Quack Pack, most specifically Dan, who he has made a Final Two deal with, breaking out the old alliance ‘the Renegades’ which got Dan to the Final Two before. Being included in the alliance (complete with the fist-bump pistol shoot ‘secret’ handshake) is a thrill for the young man, so it is unlikely he will choose Dan as the replacement nominee, leaving Danielle as the only option. Continue reading “Shane Won Veto”

Masterminded and Blindsided

Memorable game moves in Big Brother can be the stuff of legends. Some become so well-known that they become standard game strategies later on- witness the “Backdoor Plan” of Nakomis that sealed Scott Long’s fate in BB5. Others are considered so hideous that their backfiring can become infamous as well. Howie Gordon can attest to this, after his HoH that removed a key ally from the game.

After this past week, it can be assured that Dan Gheesling has entered the pantheon of Big Brother Game Masters with his Hail Mary move that assured his staying in the game. Dan had been known as a strong game player from his previous win, but it had been assumed that he was a weaker winner of the game. After his strategy came to light and his game move assured him safety this week, it can no longer be questioned- Dan has become a master of the game, possibly one of the best to ever play it.

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Veto Used, Jenn & Boogie Nominated

Frank used the Veto to take himself off the block today and an unsuspecting Jenn was nominated in his place. After days of having all of their allies, including Jenn and Ashley, campaign for Dan to be the replacement nominee, Frank and Boogie are not happy (the understatement of the season) with Shane.

After the Veto Ceremony they stomped around the house, threatening and raging at Shane, stating that he’s Dans bitch, and he has now made himself the number one target in the house by screwing them over. Of course, the fact that Shane didn’t do what they wanted him to do and made a game move for himself just makes them seethe all the more.

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Frank Won Veto

Today, in the afternoon Veto Competition Frank once again came out on top. On the Block for the fourth time, he finally secured his chance to vote in a live show; something he hasn’t been able to do since entering the game. Nominated by Shane alongside Boogie, his former coach and number one ally, Frank had to win today’s Stay or Fold Counting game to stay in the house.

Some controversy did unfold before the Veto commenced, after the picking of the players Frank admitted to Boogie he palmed the House Guests Choice chip so a strong player couldn’t be chosen to play against them. Boogie was so proud.

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The Size Of The Fight In The Dog

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

– Mark Twain

In sports, the above quote is often used to describe what has commonly been referred to as a player’s heart. The most successful athletes have had the inner drive to compete, succeed and conquer. This week showed the antithesis of that, as it was more defined by the lack of fight in Houseguests. From Janelle’s lackluster exit to Wil’s lack of real campaigning before his eventual (but not unavoidable) ouster, we saw players essentially give up in the game.

For many fans, this is sacrilege. So few people have had the opportunity to play Big Brother that anyone who is seen as “not putting their heart into it” is seen as a wasted spot, a body filling a slot that could have been filled by a true competitor. Say what you may about Mike “Boogie” Malin, but he is fully invested in getting as far as he can in the game. On the opposite end was Wil, who appeared to have mentally checked out and was ready to leave before Jury.
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Frank Won Veto

The ZingBot again paid a visit to the Big Brother House today in an evening Veto Competition. Surprising the housguests and assaulting them with insult after insult, he led them outside to lend a hand in adding to his ZZZZing Family – with the introduction of Baby Bot.

With Frank again sleeping upstairs and holding the HOH title, he nominated Joe and Wil for eviction. The rest of the Veto players were Ashley, Boogie and Jenn, who were drawn from the bag, along with Shane who automatically plays after winning the Veto Ticket last week. Ian acted as the host along with ZingBot, his dream position after actually playing in a ZingBot Puzzle Challenge.

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Danielle Won Veto

Winning her second competition in a row, Danielle is showing her strength as a competitor in this new ‘reset’ game of Big Brother. Now not under the protection of any coach, all newbies were able to be nominated, along with all the former coaches. As Head of Household, she nominated Wil and Frank for eviction, giving them the chance to take themselves off the block. Alas, that will not come to pass, as Danielle now holds all of the power in her hands.

The competition seems to have been a baseball based pick and switch game; with both bad and good prizes. The players competing for them were Danielle, Frank, Wil, Ian, Jenn and Shane. Obviously, Danielle took the POV, but she got it by switching it for BB’s new creation, the Spiritard… taking the Veto from Frank. Now, Frank will have to spend the week on the block and in a ridiculous costume bodysuit, most likely taking a walk out the door and meeting Julie, too.

Ian took yet another punishment, and now has to live in a kennel for 24 hours, eat out of a dog bowl and be lead around on a leash if he wants to go anywhere in the house. To make it clear, it is his strategy, and he gave a vacation to Jenn so he could take it. Really. Shane came out with a Veto ticket, ensuring that he will play next week and Wil got five thousand dollars.

Now is the time for scrambling and deal making, yet the chances that Danielle will use the Veto are very slim. It’ll sure be fun to watch, though.