The Pendulum’s Swing, Part II – The Other Swing Back

Key to the ability to play Big Brother is the understanding that one will not be in power forever. It is simply a numbers game – eventually, the other side has to get a victory. Inevitably, however, the reigning group makes the mistake of believing that they can win out. More amusing is when a group that finally gets a taste of power makes the exact same mistake a week later.

Sure enough, this mistake was made when Becky came into power this week – a mistake that cost her dearly in the end. Continue reading “The Pendulum’s Swing, Part II – The Other Swing Back”

The Pendulum’s Swing

It has been said time and time again – Big Brother is chiefly about social interactions and how we survive the loss of control. How we deal with others is as important – if not moreso – than winning competitions. Indeed, 17 seasons of Big Brother have given us countless examples of players who have either survived a loss of power due to an excellent social game, or seen their game collapse once they lost control. From Jace of BB5 to Ronnie of BB10,  the show is littered with the corpses of gameplay that failed the social game. When the pendulum swings, one has to be prepared to face the consequences if one has not played a good social game.

Once again, the pendulum has swung – and once more, we see examples of gameplay that led to survival as well as departure. Continue reading “The Pendulum’s Swing”

“Don’t Be Lazy.”

Over the past three weeks, the Big Brother House has seen dominance by one side of the game. The alliance of six spearheaded by Shelli and Vanessa have ran the game with ruthless efficiency, clearing out 3 major opponents while building further inroads with neutral players. One might think that, given this run of dominance, other opponents would step up their games and be ready for battle.

This eviction of Jason this week, coupled with his last piece of advice to the remaining players, proves that the old adage is true – if you’re not in power you’re in danger, and the moment you feel comfortable is when you’re in most danger. Continue reading ““Don’t Be Lazy.””

Making A Move

There are moments in the Big Brother game that have lasted as memorable over all others. Oftentimes, these are big game moves that ultimately have a large effect on the flow of that season. From Marcellas’ refusal to use the Veto, to Adria/Natalie’s original Twin Twist reveal in Big Brother 5, memorable moments have helped define this show and the success it retains with its fans.

On the morning of July 9th, one such moment occurred – and in the process, set up the story of this show for the next few weeks. Continue reading “Making A Move”