Devin Uses Veto on Brittany – Paola & Zack Nominated

Week two in the Big Brother house seems to have reached a new level of crazy, especially for this early in the season. Devin is now sole HOH – and he knows it. To say the power has gone to his head would be an understatement, not only has he been giving orders left and right, he also convinced Paola to throw not only the Battle of the Block competition, but possibly the Veto, too. Of course, the fact Devin promised to take Paola off the block should he win Veto probably made her feel even more secure. Not only did he give his word to her privately, he also declared it in front of everybody before playing the competition.

This Veto competition was based on balance, with housemates having to build a balanced mobile of the planets.  Devin was the first to balance all planets, so with all the power at the tips of his fingers, he had a big decision on his hands. He could keep the nominations the same, targeting Brittany, who he claimed was his target. He could keep his word to Paola and save her from the threat of eviction, forcing himself to nominate either another pawn, or, another target.

Or… He could totally backtrack; make ‘friends’ with Brittany and blow up the Bomb Squad.

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Donny Won Veto – Paola & Joey Nominated

The first Veto has come and gone in this twisted season, bringing back the standard Longest Word challenge. With Danny and Paola still nominated after losing the Battle of the Block Competition to Victoria and Brittany, they had this one chance to secure their safety. The players for the first Veto were Caleb, Donny, Paola as HOH and nominees and Victoria, Cody and Zach were randomly drawn.

This year the players had to swim to find their letters, so I’m sure they kept cool. Donny did keep a cool head, spelling the nine letter word “splitters” which after what sounds like a game full of almost words and missing letters took home the Veto, saving himself.

With a new nominee having to be chosen, Team America member Joey found herself the target. You see, there was this girls alliance thing that she made, and like the rest of them, it didn’t work. Then she talked about it. Oops. Donny obviously took himself off the block, and sole-HOH Caleb replaced him with Joey, who it looks as if may be the first person evicted in season 16. So America could be one member down before we even know who the rest are.

Sabotage, I tell you!

Andy Wins Veto – Doesn’t Use It

So, Andy proved this week he can win a couple competitions, taking the Veto this week home to his HOH room. With Spencer and Jessie being his nominees the chance for making a big move in the game was at his fingertips, but as you’d expect, he played it safe. This season in the Big Brother house the theme seems to be “Don’t rock the boat, baby” and Andy, being Andy, decided to ‘go with what the house wants’ to not upset the balance (Amanda).

Having played ‘both’ sides of the house (Helen and/or Amanda) since the beginning, he has kept both thinking he’s working for them. His true loyalty was tested while he was in power, Helen brought forth a potential plan to backdoor Amanda – he squashed it immediately; it couldn’t happen without him, of course. It also showed that at this point in the game he considers Amanda his stronger ally.

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Spencer Wins & Uses Veto – Howard, Candice & Amanda Up

Yes, you read it right – Spencer won something! In a veto puzzle challenge against Howard, America’s nominee (Amanda), Aaryn, Jessie and Candice. So the perv gets to stay another week, and someone has to go up in his place.  With Howard being the main target by Helen, through Aaryn, no biggie really, except that the obvious replacement is Candice, who started as besties with Helen and is an obvious vote for Howard to stay.

Candice, post-veto/pre-ceremony scrambled to stay off the block, cornering Helen and asking her to get Aaryn to reconsider Howard as the target. If she had made the conversation a game chat, instead of getting teary about Howard leaving, not really campaigning for herself and delving in to emotional blackmail, it wouldn’t have gone so bad. As it was, it made Helen SMOKE a CIGARETTE.

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Elissa Uses Veto – GinaMarie Nominated

Yet again, someone on the block won the Veto, guaranteeing its use yet again. This time, it was America’s MVP Nominee who won the power, Elissa. She was the surprise MVP Nom, probably being second choice, after Aaryn, who had already been placed on the block with Kaitlin by HOH Judd.

This week’s Veto was the traditional How Much Do You Want It? Challenge and Elissa has to sit out next week’s Veto Competition, Judd got Solitary Confinement for 24 hours, Helen has an 8pm curfew and McCrae obviously didn’t want it, as he now has an extra $5,000 in his pocket.  Not too shabby.

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Kaitlyn Wins & Uses Veto – Jeremy, Aaryn & Spencer Up

After being nominated alongside Aaryn and the MVP choice, Spencer, Kaitlyn won the timed House Guest Photo Manipulation challenge and had the chance to save herself in the game…. But at what cost?

For what seems to be the first time in Big Brother History, a Showmance, a backdoor plan, and a Veto win collide. Kaitlyn won the Veto, knowing if she used it on herself her ‘man’ Jeremy would be the replacement nominee and be evicted – if she didn’t, she’d knowingly pull a Marcellas, and be voted out herself.

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Jeremy Wins & Vetos Himself – Elissa, Helen & Nick Up

Its that time of year again, folks, the hamsters are in the cage, the fish in the fishbowl, the guinea pigs under the microscopes, and the crazy awesome fans plastered to various digital devices, trying to get our fix. Yes, summer is finally here, and with the heat comes the real action. Yes, ladies & gentlemen, Big Brother 15 has finally arrived.

And with it, all the drama, trash talking, showmances and…. Racism?? Oi. It’s already shaping up to be a crazy season. Now, since one of the little blondes at the center of all the ‘Real Life’ controversy has gone from her ‘boyfriend’ being blindsided to residing in the HOH, drama was OBVI!!! The power goes to her head, she turns on the bitchy and goes for the easy target. Another girl, of course, Aaryn is too young and insecure to play the Big Brother game with her brain, instead of her emotions.

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Dan & Ian Nominated, Danielle Won Veto

Danielle, after winning her second HOH of the season, followed it up with a second Veto win. Keeping all the power in her hands, she can now decide whether to keep her nominations of former coach Dan and resident genius Ian the same. With Shane the only person safe at the moment, using it is unlikely. However with Dan still in the house, it is entirely possible that he can talk his way off the block.

Having previously had a plan together to take out Shane before the final three, Dan could use that to sway Danielle. It could already be the plan. Even so, Danielle is known for being emotional, and her attachment to Shane could override her day-one alliance with Dan. Continue reading “Dan & Ian Nominated, Danielle Won Veto”

Shane Down, Danielle Up

Shane chose to use the Veto today, taking himself off the Block and securing his place in the final four. With the Quack Pack back together, Ian chose Danielle as the replacement nominee, keeping his ‘Final Two’ partner Dan safe. With Danielle on the Block next to Jenn and only Shane and Dan voting this week, it’s probably the safest she’s felt while sitting in the hot seat so far this summer.

After promising Jenn that she would never vote her out, Dani’s in a good position with her as a Jury Vote because she won’t have to go back on her word. Yet Jenn is not giving up (though she should), vowing to campaign to stay and feeling like she has a lot of game left in her. Of course, if she has actually played the game during the first two thirds, that argument would be worth a lot more.
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Shane Won Veto

With Big Brother winding down, the final five played for Veto. Ian having nominated Shane and Jenn, the worst case scenario for the Quack Pack was Jenn winning, forcing one of their numbers to leave. That didn’t come about when Shane took the win in what sounds like a physical puzzle challenge. Lucky for him, as Dan and Danielle have been considering taking him out before Final Four. Assuming he won’t pull a Marcellas and not use the Veto on himself (though overestimating Shane is easy to do) Ian will have to choose either Danielle or Dan to take his place.

Ian has put his faith in to the Quack Pack, most specifically Dan, who he has made a Final Two deal with, breaking out the old alliance ‘the Renegades’ which got Dan to the Final Two before. Being included in the alliance (complete with the fist-bump pistol shoot ‘secret’ handshake) is a thrill for the young man, so it is unlikely he will choose Dan as the replacement nominee, leaving Danielle as the only option. Continue reading “Shane Won Veto”