That’s A Wrap

Here we go, it all winds to a close tonight. Was it a good year? Ratings think so. From the comments I’ve read among all of us here at BB Chatter, it seems most people agree. Though we were a little unsure about the concept of veteran against newbie, somehow it all worked out to be an entertaining season. Perhaps it had more to do with the mixture of personalities, or maybe it came down to certain house guests who could make any cast watchable, namely Rachel. She was evil when evil made sense, and good when the house needed calm. She, as I wrote early on, knew how to go with the flow. Will it get her into the final two? Unless Porsche’s been yanking our chain, I believe it will.

Adam, who lost both preliminary challenges, doesn’t look to have a chance for either $500K or $50K, OR America’s Choice. He’s screwed. But he did meet Tori Spelling and I hope he remembers that when he gets evicted tonight. If, IF he gets evicted. You never know in this game. But things do not look good for him at this point, and it all came down to some really bad deal making the last two days. He threatened Porsche with a jury coup should she not take him to final two. How he could suddenly possess such powers of suggestion I don’t know, but he went for it anyway. Porsche was offended, and let’s face it, who wouldn’t take everyone’s favorite evil redhead with them to the end? Although, despite receiving scathing goodbyes from Rachel, the jury members have probably calmed down a bit and grown respect for her gameplay. Aside from Dani and Kalia, we might see a tide of votes in her favor. I could be wrong though. Very, very wrong.

Speaking of the jury house, why oh why don’t they allow us to have some live clips during the last week? We’ve requested it for years and it still hasn’t happened. There has got to be some exciting stuff going on over there, and we are missing out! Come on, BB. We’re not asking for 24/7 feeds, just a daily recap on Real Player!

Adam. Adam, Adam, Adam. Too proud to make a deal with Rachel? You haven’t gotten over your childish grudge from the first few weeks? I hate to say it but you don’t deserve the money if you are going to let emotions control your gameplay. The second Porsche rejected your deal you should have approached Rachel. But you didn’t, and now it might be the end for you. I hope it doesn’t keep you up at night, but it probably will. There’s always All Stars.

Tonight will be fun and exciting. I can’t wait to see all the jury members! I can’t wait to see who wins! Although this year’s finale is half an hour shorter than previous years, it should be packed full of drama and hilarity. You know, the Fortune Teller lady predicted someone from her parlor would be the winner of Big Brother. I wonder how she knew . . .

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