The Big Brother Experience

Over the years, the phenomenon of the “Superfan Houseguest” has developed. These are the Big Brother Houseguests that have been longtime fans of the show – either through watching the show on CBS, or even subscribing to the Feeds. Some of these players have been very successful in their runs on Big Brother, using their understanding of the game to get them to Endgame (or even win, in the case of Ian). There are the fans who have ben successful in more limited ways, usually by underestimating the stress and challenge of the game – these players, while making a good run, have far more often than not burned out before the end (in this sense, McCrae comes to mind). Then, there are the players who are simply looking for the “Big Brother Experience” – the ability to be in the House, to see it all and enjoy everything without actually stepping up and playing the game fully.

In this regard, Nicole was the exemplar of this type of HouseGuest – and in this regard, her time in the House can be regarded as a success for herself.

In truth, Nicole was not an especially good player in the game. She came in with a checklist of sorts of what she wanted to do while in the House, and it cannot be said for certain that winning was the top priority. Other Superfan players have attempted to play the game harder so far this year, and been remarkably successful. Witness Derrick’s domination of the game to date along with Frankie’s own success. These two Superfans came in the game with winning in mind, and to date they have run the tables against the other Houseguests. (That some of their competition was not up to the challenge is not important, in light of their strategic gameplay being successful.)

By contrast, Nicole has played more as a spectator who got to play “Fantasy Big Brother.” If one made a checklist of the possible things one can do in Big Brother, Nicole has practically done them all.

Play for and win HoH? Check.
Play for a Veto? Check.
Showmance? Check.
Attempt to form an alliance, and then get to name the allliance? Check.
Make Jury? Check.

Nicole’s only regret seemingly appears to be not making it to the ZingBot’s visit. That this was mentioned on the show tonight – rather than making it to Final Two – shows that the priorities of her game were not so much to win, but to have the “Full Big Brother Experience.” Now, she has the opportunity to notch another Big Brother check off her belt should she return from the Jury House to compete once more.

Were that to happen, one could make the argument that she has the credentials were she to make it to the end. The numbers would be heavily against her, but such miracle runs are not unknown in the game. At that point, she could make the jump from “Fantasy BB Player” to “Legitimate BB Player” in the eyes  of her fellow fans – and in doing so, earn the respect other Superfan players (including one in her own house) have earned.


Week 8 Results:

Week 8 Head of Household: Christine, defeated Nicole in BotB

Christine played out her HoH win via the benefit of a competition designed for two but successfully played by one. Frankie’s unexpected win in the Battle of the Block competition – a win that was meant to be sabotaged by Caleb sitting out – was the cause for much speculation of further production interference by online fans. This, however, did little to dissuade Christine from completing the task of taking someone out that was not in her alliance. In the end, she was successful in this regard.

Week 8 Veto Winner: Zach, Saved Himself

Zach managed to salvage his position by winning the yearly OTEV competition, and by doing so he kept building his resume for a Final Two argument. He is still the odd man out of his own alliance, but he has managed to earn more fans outside of the House.

Week 8 Evictee: Nicole

Nicole’s “Full Big Brother Experience” continued with a trip to the interview seat with Julie. Nicole was the first Houseguest to go from Dual HoH to Evictee in the span of the same week, and thus earns a spot of ignominy in the process.

Week 8 Player of the Week: Caleb

Caleb went from nominated to a trip to see the Dallas Cowboys practice, complete with a visit from Jerry Jones. This happened after sitting out of the BotB competition. All in all, not a bad week for the Beastmode Cowboy.

Week 8 Goat of the Week: Nicole

The first person to go from HoH to Evictee, Nicole’s week was started with an alliance/showmance member going out the door and ended with her own eviction.

Game Move of the Week: Frankie wins Battle of the Block by himself, saving his position in the House.

Frankie saved himself, keeping himself in the game and allowing for the removal of a non-alliance player. By doing so, he kept the power firmly in the hands of the Detonators who would go on to win both HoH spots tonight.