The Big Red Reset Button

Strategy and planning are important parts of Big Brother. Players that have been considered fan favorites are known for their mastery of the rules of the game, and their ability to strategize and plan the demise of their enemies in the house. In that light, the game reset that occurred this week becomes all the more important when you realize that any previous Houseguest strategy now has to go out the window.

While the now-former coaches have known that this reset was a possibility for at least 2 to 3 weeks, many of the new players had no idea – or at least, didn’t think for sure it was going to happen. Because of this, any plans that they may have had have to be scrapped in favor of new alliances, new alignments and a new approach to the game – one that must include playing against former masters of the game.

As early as Thursday night, we were seeing new alliances form. An alliance of Dan, Britney, Danielle and Shane had been in the works but was solidified with Danielle’s HoH win. The possibility of Ian joining adds a mental aspect that they may have been missing, and creates the possibility of a superalliance. What must now happen is the formation of a counter alliance, one that can fight off the 5. This is where the remaining Newbies must put aside already-galvanized positions and work towards a bigger end goal – something that may be difficult when one considers that although the game may be reset, mental attitudes are not. This week will be very important for the future of the game, and to confirm who will stay in the house going forward.

With the game reset, we have to look at what was lost – in this case Shane’s HOH reign. Losing an entire week or can be very stressful on the person who was in charge – see Chima’s reign if you don’t believe that. Shane appears to have handled this turn of events well, but it will be interesting to see how his relationships go forward – especially with Frank, was a very clear target beforehand.

Overall, we have a new game now. This game is influenced by events from before, as well as old Houseguests that are returning and playing for their own $500k. Unlike last year’s “Veterans” twist, this group of veterans has the benefit of having played alongside Newbies for a while now as Coaches. It’s unlikely that we will see the same sort of game that we saw last year.

Week 3 Full Results

No Evicted Houseguest

HoH #4 – Danielle

With this endurance competition win, Danielle has now thrown any semblance of flying under the radar completely out the window. An unexpected physical capability has shown that Danielle is no longer a player to be underestimated. Her burgeoning alliance can prove to be very powerful – or it may prove to be her downfall. In any case, how the next week goes will be huge for her.

Winners of the Week – Frank and Joe

By the mere virtue of not leaving the house, Frank and Joe have become the clear winners of the week. They lived to fight another day, and in Joe’s case fall off the radar as a possible target. Both will have to work hard to stay in the house, but at least they have the opportunity to do it.

Loser of the Week – Shane

Anytime your entire week as HOH becomes an afterthought, that’s not a good sign. Shane managed to lose in three ways: he did not get his intended target out of the house, he did not get his secondary target out of the house and both remain ready and willing to come back and get him out. This has the additional effect of cementing Frank as an enemy for the remainder of the game, something that will come back and bite Shane undoubtedly.

Game Change of the Week – Britney’s Vote

Going into tonight, Britney had said repeatedly that she did not want to enter the game. To see that change in front of the reset button was fascinating, and her vote was the one that cemented the game resetting completely. Additionally, she was not looked at as being one of the folks that reset the game – which will benefit her later on against an increasingly angry Boogie.

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