The Crushing Truth

The most painful losses in Big Brother are ones in which the person evicted had no idea how much they played a role in their loss. Players who put the blame on others for their own poor play have been shown the painful truth later on, and the realization that they sealed their own fate has caused embarrassment for many a former Houseguest.

In the end – and despite putting the blame on James for most of the week – Natalie had no one to blame but herself

The writing on the wall was evident after Michelle’s eviction, when Natalie and James realized they were on the losing side of the House. During this time and after their nominations, Natalie realized the extent of the damage to her game but – rather than owning her fate – she pushed the blame on James for convincing her to go along with Nicole and Corey. This happened, despite the fact that Natalie had been pushing for a reason to evict either Paul or Victor from the moment she had won the Head of Household. Her betrayal of the Sitting Ducks alliance, combined with a weak positioning and James’ own quitting of the endurance competition that gave Nicole the Head of Household role set into a place a clear path to loss that played out over two weeks.

Consider this – Natalie had an opportunity to turn her game around, simply by listening to other people in her alliance. Michelle had pushed for a Nicole nomination from the beginning, which Natalie overrode. Nicole had a second opportunity to go on the block, and this too was ignored in favor of a poor game move to put up Corey. Victor’s eviction, followed by his immediate return, put the pieces in place on the board.

It is not surprising that Natalie left the game in favor of keeping James, a friend to most players and someone seen as a better player to align with going forward despite his own poor play and treacherous moves. Natalie fell out of favor rather quickly amongst the players following what was perceived to be her throwing longtime ally James under the bus, and no amount of campaigning by James could keep her in the game.

Ultimately, this leaves two power couples in the house and a free agent that both sides are trying to woo towards them – despite the fact that the two couples are in an alliance of their own.It is difficult to say who will win at this point, since it is truly anyone’s game. What is certain, however, is that for Natalie the game is over.

In that sense, she may be the lucky one.


Week 13 Results

Week 13 Head of Household: Victor

Victor won the “chicken coop” competition, beating the other players in a difficult game. His original target was left in the game in favor of Natalie’s departure, but he quickly moved in favor of her departure.

Week 13 Veto Winner: Corey, Did Not Use Veto

Corey won what may be the best Veto competition to be introduced in years, taking a surprising win over Natalie. He truly earned his right to choose who remained on the block with his performance.

Week 13 Evictee: Natalie

Natalie’s final week was marked by ugly back-and-froths with James, a lot of pouting and passbve-agggressive behavior. It didn’t help that she spent most of it in bed, moping.Ultimately, her departure is sad only in the fact that a once-promising social player lost favor with fans and Houseguests alike.

Week 13 Player of the Week: Nicole

For someone so worried that she could be put up at any time, Nicole hasten over the game. Following this week, she is set for a run at the Final Two and a chance to win the game.

Week 13 Goat of the Week: James

Following weeks of bad decisions, James earns this spot for seeing his entire game fall apart but being put in the position of staying in the game for at least another week.

Week 13 Game Move of the Week: Corey Defeats Natalie for Veto.

With this, Corey sealed Natalie’s fate and kept his alliance alive.

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You left out the part where Nichole told Nat & James that Paul was coming after James right after Paulie’s eviction. THAT is when Natalie went heat-seeking missile on Paul and James encouraged it. If she hadn’t listened to Nichole, she would have stayed loyal to Paul and Victor. Essentially, Nichole (and James as someone who was loyal to Nichole) used Natalie’s love for James against her. It was a classic mind game and Natalie fell for it. Did Natalie make the decision? Yes. But she was definitely outplayed by both Nichole and James. The fact that James didn’t confess his closeness to Nichole to Natalie has doomed their future relationship once Natalie watches the show.

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