The Difference A Day Makes

In Big Brother, the difference between “going home” and “ruling the roost” – and vice-versa – an be as little as one day – or even one hour – of game time. Many seasons past have seen alliances fall apart due to the dreaded Double Eviction days where two Houseguests go home in the span of an hour. Fallout from the Double Eviction can wreck a person’s entire game (witness Jordan and Shelly’s blowout after Jeff’s eviction in BB13).

In the span of a day, Nicole went from “possible removal of a known enemy” to “enemy remaining and two allies gone” and while she returned to possible power, her game has been weakened severely.

In truth, the writing had been on the wall for a house turnaround re: the vote on Zach versus Jocasta. Jocasta had been a weak player in a season where weak players were being culled from the gamme. Zach was an alliance member of the Detonators – and more importantly, a vote for the Detonators. The lack of assurance (until the live show) that this week began the Jury members all but assured that in the end, Zach would at least make it to Jury.

Once the initial business of removing Jocasta was done, the real excitement began – including a surprise cameo by Frankie’s sister, no less. Over the course of several seasons, Double Eviction nights have earned the excitement of countless BB fans who tune in to see everything happen in such a quick manner. This week proved to be no different, of course.

By the end of the night, some things were certain. Weak players had effectively been removed from the game. (Even Victoria could be seen as a competent competitor, with three comp victories under her belt and survival of the Block.) One alliance had been blow up (Hayden and Nicole) with Hayden’s removal. The later HoH competition (which reinstated the Dual HoH and Battle of the Block) would put another Detonator alliance member back in position to win HoH yet again. Lastly, Julie all but confirmed that we will see the return of a Houseguest already evicted. The season has hit Jury and with that, we see a potential clear path for a select few to win the game.


Week 5 Results:

Week 5 Head of Household: Frankie, Eliminated Zach as 5th HoH

Frankie’s win as HoH was a major step up in a game that, until then, had been powerful competition work but stronger social gameplay. This was important, as Frankie would start to show major cracks in his game that were now noticeable to others.

Week 5 Veto Winner: Hayden, Used Veto to Save Victoria

Hayden’s win assured two things – that Victoria would stay another day, and that Amber would be the eliminated player. The backdooring of Amber was a major goal of Frankie, who had turned against the model and her influence (unwanted, admittedly) on Caleb and his gameplay.
Week 5 Evictee: Amber

Truth be told, Amber never should have been in the game. She didn’t understand the way the game worked, didn’t want the power to play and ultimately allowed her game to be ruined by a lovesick competitor. That she never fully put her foot down was a sign of her unwillingness to do what was necessary, a factor in her ultimate elimination from the game.

Week 5 Player of the Week: Frankie

In many respects, Frankie had a strong week. He won HoH again and kept it, eliminated a target that had been aimed at for a while and kept himself in a firm position.

Week 5 Goat of the Week: Caleb

Caleb was, once more, the pawn of other players. He was used effectively as a tool to get Amber out by Frankie – a major tool, one might say.

Game Move of the Week: Frankie convinces Caleb to assist in evicting Amber, securing her removal from the game.

By convincing Caleb that Amber was targetting him for eviction, Frankie assured himself that Caleb would not come after him afterwards should he get power. Frankie played Caleb well, and completed a successful week.


Week 6 Results:

Week 6 Head of Household: Nicole, eliminated Donny as 6th HoH

Nicole came into power and immediately had a target in mind – Frankie. Frankie had become noticeably powerful, and omnipresent. That she failed to succeed was less her fault than the machinations of other stronger alliance moved by the Detonators.

Week 6 Veto Winner: Christine, Did Not Use Veto

Christine had made her distaste of Zach very clear to viewers at home, and her not using the veto was expected to be the bullet to the head of Zach’s game. Her Veto win – in a tough timed veto game involving matching pictures – was impressive.

Week 6 Evictee: Jocasta

Jocasta was the last of the truly weak players to leave the game. Her strategy of “do little, then get sick at inopportune times” was not very effective, though it did get her to Jury. Jocasta’s chances to win were weak from the beginning, but making Jury is a prize in itself. It should be noted, though, that no videos were shown – indicating a possible Revive-a-player this year.

Week 6 Player of the Week: Caleb

After a week of being used, Caleb showed remarkable aptitude towards the game by leading the charge to keep Zach and remove Jocasta. His simple fact of BB life – that the numbers are all that matter for an alliance – swayed the entire game at this point and made a major change to how the week would end.

Week 6 Goat of the Week: Nicole

From removing a threat to losing an ally, Nicole’s week did not go as planned. This would be a continuing thread in the Double Eviction.

Game Move of the Week: Caleb reverses the planned vote and save Zach, eliminating JOcasta from the game.

Caleb’s work shifted the power back in the hands of the Detonators, an alliance he is technically sitting outside of at this point. His move secured their likely run to the end.


Week 7 (Second Eviction of Double Eviction) Results:

Week 7 Head of Household: Caleb (No 2nd HoH during Double Eviction)

Winning a brain competition against Christine, Caleb finally returned to victory in an HoH comp.

Week 7 Veto Winner: Donny, Saved Himself

Donny saved himself during the standard “find a certian number of items in a ball pit” competition, beating Caleb in a surprisingly close competition. Doing so kept him alive, and knocked Nicole onto the Block in his place.

Week 7 Evictee: Hayden

Hayden left in a week that saw the change a single day can make. The day before, he had been certain that he had an alliance that would see him to the very end. He and Nicole had been blindsided, and his trusting the wrong people at the exact wrong time led him to an interview with Julie.

Week 7 Player of the Week: Caleb

Caleb’s good week continued with his HoH victory and the removal of a key in-game enemy. By re-asserting himself in the House, he made steps to a stronger position overall.

Week 7 Goat of the Week: Hayden

Losing your alliance, your girl and your spot in the game in one hour would clearly be a reason to be the Goat of the week. All he could take solace in is the potential to return to the gamme later.

Game Move of the Week: Double Eviction, no Game Move of the Week.