The Endgame Gambit

Making it to Endgame in Big Brother is a remarkable feat, no matter how you get there. The Final Three players are usually entirely in control of the final pairing, and save for some remarkably questionable choices the folks that make it to Endgame can make some sort of case for being there.

Even in Big Brother 15, the three people that remain in the game can make an argument for why they are there. In this article, we’ll look at the argument that each player can make towards why they should be in the Final Two. While ultimately it comes down to the final HoH competition, if there were a case to be made for why someone should make either 2nd or 1st place it would be listed here.

Candidate One: Andy

HoH wins: 2

Veto Wins: 2

Times on Block: 1

Primary Game Strategy: Social Game, combined with Wins When Needed.

Andy’s game has mostly been focused on social strategy, which has been nearly flawless. Make no mistake – Andy has successfully played the game that Shelly fumbled so spectacularly two years before, and few have managed to play as smoothly a social game as Andy. While some Live Feeds watchers may consider him a “Rat” based on who he is targeting at the time (and their rooting for said target), none can reasonably argue that he hasn’t played this game nearly perfectly when it comes to the social strategy. As proof, even the Jury has complemented him on how he played each of them. Andy is the clear favorite going into Finale Night, should he be in the Final Two. Andy would most likely beat both Spencer and GinaMarie in a Final Two scenario.

Candidate Two: GinaMarie

HoH Wins: 2

Veto Wins: 0

Times on Block: 3

Primary Game Strategy: Social Game, combined with Wins When Needed

While GinaMarie is not well-liked outside of the House, she is mostly liked inside of the House save for flare-ups against certain Jury members. GinaMarie has also managed to remain the lesser of two evils throughout most of the game, deflecting most attention away from herself and towards other less savory players. The strength in GinaMarie’s argument for winning is social game, but that is also her biggest weakness. GinaMarie’s inability to control her mouth at times will make it VERY difficult for several Jury members to vote for her in the finale, especially if paired against Andy. Her best bet would be to take Spencer to the Final Two.

Candidate Three: Spencer

HoH Wins: 1

Veto Wins: 1

Times on Block: 7

Primary Game Strategy: Heavy Alliance, followed by Floater Game.

Spencer started the game as an early target for his alliance with the Moving Company, but it was his willingness to be a floating target and pawn the rest of the year that defined him as a player. The weakness in this strategy is that at the end, it’s almost impossible to justify a 1st place vote when your opponent has done more to succeed. Spencer is disliked by few in the Jury, but his argument for winning it all is the weakest of the three. Oddly enough, Spencer is almost a guaranteed 2nd Place winner as both GinaMarie and Andy would take him to the Final Two.

Whether or not you like these players, each of them make a legitimate case for being where they are. Most notable is the idea of the Win When Needed – the player who finds a way to win where failure would lead to eviction. More importantly, however, is the social game that gets you there. Andy has slipped the knife of eviction into five of the Jury members, and yet only one or two would clearly vote against him at this point. With two more shows left to go, we enter the final week of Big Brother 15 with a Final Three that few would have predicted in the beginning. It remains to be seen who will ultimately take home the prize.

Week Thirteen/Fourteen Results:

Week Thirteen Head of Household: Spencer

Once more, we see the proof of the adage “winning when needed.” Spencer wins HoH at a time when his Exterminators will need to make a run of things if they wish to survive either mostly or completely intact. It was mostly due to bad luck that they had a casualty in the run to the Final Three.

Week Thirteen Veto Winner: McCrae

McCrae managed a win where losing would have meant eviction this week. Had there been a repeat later on, the final Three would be very different.

Week Thirteen Evictee: Judd

Judd placed himself in a weak position with one main act – quitting the Veto Comp. Making excuses about being tired from the workouts, Judd allowed his frustrations to overtake him and the result was a second eviction this season. While he will be missed on the show, it is seen as fitting by many feed watchers that the recycled Houseguest did not make it to the end.

Week Fourteen Head of Household: Andy

Andy wins a mental competition, coming from behind to win the HoH. This was the crucial HoH, as the Exterminators needed this win to partially guarantee a successful run to the Final Three.

Week Fourteen Veto Winner: Andy

This Veto win complemented Andy’s HoH win, cementing the placement of the Final Three firmly in the hands of the Exterminators. While many will mock these players as a team, in the end they were effective in eliminating those players that stood in their way.

Week Fourteen Evictee: McCrae

The Pizza Boy’s luck finally ran out. McCrae had been a floater most of the season, and he admitted to Julie that his following of Amanda was what cost him in the end. This was not the only thing, however – a friendly demeanor and a capability to win most other times were the final items that cemented his targeting and eviction.

Week Thirteen/Fourteen Star of the Week: Tie between Andy and Spencer

These two men have managed to maintain an under-the-table alliance that managed to survive through to the Final Three. Whether or not they end up as Final Two is unknown, but this unlikely pairing has done what few duos have – stuck through until the endgame.

Week Thirteen/Fourteen Goat of the Week: McCrae

McCrae placed himself solely in the position of having to win a comp every week to survive. By not trusting the alliance created by Amanda and Elissa the week before, he placed himself in a spot where he had to either win HoH or the subsequent Veto to stay alive. This week, he ended up coming short.

Game Play Move of the Week: The Exterminators out themselves to their final target.

By performing this act, the final three players showed a respect to McCrae that will serve them well in the end. This was mainly servicing Andy’s game, however – by maintaining the game that he has played nearly the entire season, Andy has placed himself in a position to win nearly the entirety of the Jury.

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