The Essential BB Ingredient

Past seasons of Big Brother introduced us to such a wide range of personalities, from Dr. Will, who took his money and ran with it to numerous other ‘reality’ television shows, to Chicken George and Evel Dick. Before the show starts the possibilities seem endless, but one essential for any Big Brother contestant is a good sense of humor.

Whether it’s a confrontation, which we all know is one of the best parts of BB, or a breakdown in the Diary Room, we see players constantly dealing with unnatural situations. Many people come into the game with a carefully thought through strategy and are so sure that they have the key to winning Big Brother, but those plans usually go out the window by the end of the first week. Sometimes the strategies are so wild or so well planned that they actually work, but more often they blow up in the evil genius’s face.

The majority of the house-guests I’ve grown to love have their own unique view on life, both in and out of the game. Not all are open about what they think with their opponents, but they share honest reactions to what is going on around them. One ride on a condiment-soaked, over-sized wiener should be enough to make even the most stern crack a smile. And if you can’t laugh you better be ready to cry. That makes good TV too, so a fun house-guest lets the tears flow whenever they feel the need. But in a game where contests and challenges start at the utterly ridiculous and go downhill from there, the ability to laugh at yourself is the only way to play.

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