The Harp From Hell

“You gotta admit, I played this stinkin’ city like a harp from Hell!”

– Penguin (Danny DeVito), “Batman Returns”

The best villains in classic literature often tend to be those who don’t reveal their true ambition to the hero until the final act. If one were to look at this season as literature or a story written out, then Dan has proved to be the season’s Iago. Seen as an ally to the “heroic” couple of Danielle and Shane, Dan fully revealed his true intentions to the heroine in the final act. With his move to get removed from nomination and then to eliminate the one remaining power couple in the house, Dan has paved his way to victory by placing himself in a safe position to make the Final Two. His diabolical plan to subvert his main ally is complete, and his move seals his fate as one of the biggest villains in BB History.

At least, that’s what you’ll learn if you ask Danielle tonight.

Seen from a separate and objective view, Dan has masterfully played one of the finest social games in Big Brother history. He has now been responsible for the entirety of the Jury House being placed there, and has maneuvered himself to having a Final Two deal with the two other remaining Houseguests. He has completed the conversion of Ian in totality to his side, and has shown again and again that he can place himself back in Danielle’s good graces. Even those whom he has been responsible for evicting (save for a still-bitter Frank) acknowledge his ability to win this game.

Tonight’s eviction could only go down after two months of play and setup. Shane’s departure was never assured until Dan convinced Danielle that he felt weak in the nomination chair, and this play on Danielle’s ego (based upon her position of power in the game at that point) was brilliant. After that, it was merely a matter of time for “Captain America” to get the boot. Shane’s post-eviction interview revealed a lot of hurt and betrayal in his mind, a fact that may hurt Dan in the Final Two depending on whom he is next two in the vote.

This season has ranked high in terms of surprise moves and blindsides, and there is still a high possibility that Dan may end up being the seventh juror. There are still three parts to the final HoH competition to be played out, and a win by Danielle may turn out to be the final straw for Dan’s game. Time will tell.

Week 9 Final Results

Eviction #11 – Jenn

In the end, Jenn’s game moves were what cost her a guaranteed Final Two. Had Jenn continued to lay low, her weak game play would have been seen as a perfect second place partner for any major game player. Her moves simply painted a target on her back that Ian was more than happy to aim towards. It wasn’t a great game play, and ultimately Jenn retreats to the same area of former Houseguests that were ultimately forgettable.

HoH #12 – Danielle

Danielle’s HoH reign was short, and catastrophic. In terms of personal game play, Danielle made the mistake of not considering where her guidance was coming from in the house. Had she kept the nominations the same, she was set for a Final Two. Now, she is forced to fight for her life in the game.

Eviction #12 – Shane

Shane’s mistake was in letting others do the work for him. Shane played hard early, and this made him a target. For several weeks now, he had been coasting on other players’ moves. Ultimately, this led to a complacency that made it easy for him to trust the one man who  should never be trusted in Big Brother. This more than anything led to his visit with Julie.

Star of the Week – Dan

It’s becoming a bit of a pattern, but once again the man who managed to save himself for one more week did so with amazing game play. Dan has all but assured himself a Final Two position, and did so with only a few minutes’ worth of convincing.

Loser of the Week – Danielle

To have two major alliances fall apart in one week is one thing. To have it happen because your ego was stroked into this position is yet another. Danielle has had blinders to Dan’s game the entire season, and this time it cost her a Showmance alongside a key ally. Her look of abject shock at Shane’s eviction was all that was needed to be seen.

Game Play of the Week – Dan convinces Danielle to remove him from nomination.

All it would have needed was a moment’s thought of “wait, how does this really benefit me?” Had those words crossed Danielle’s mind, she would have not made the move that sealed Shane’s fate. Instead, she went ahead with Dan’s plan and ultimately saved him, removing Shane in the process.

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