The Lesser Of Two Evils

Over the years, a trend has developed among Big Brother players that can be thought of as a variation of “The Lesser of Two Evils.” When two people are on the block – one as an originally intended target, one as a pawn – the vote changes so that the person causing more problems stays inside the House so that they can be saved for a later eviction. The other person is evicted because of a myriad of reasons – they’re “too nice,” not a strong player, too strong a player, not a team player, etc.

In the case of Kaitlin’s eviction this week, it was the lesser of two evils being removed once more. This time around, however, the player who was “too much of a threat” to keep in the House barely fought to keep herself alive.

In truth, Kaitlin’s departure was sealed the moment she was nominated. Aaryn as a player has been fairly effective, but her social game has been abhorrent. Looked upon as a house pariah, her competition quickly realized that she could be used as a Final Two guarantee. Even Howard, whose objections to Aaryn run deep and true, realized quickly this week that Aaryn was someone who a) could take up a nomination spot easily from any HoH, and b) would be a Final Two Guaranteed Second Place. When looked at from that perspective, it’s easy to see why Aaryn was safe.

GinaMarie, on the other hand, is an example of not being taken seriously enough to be considered a threat. Had GinaMarie shown the ability to win a competition early, she might be seen as more than a throwaway nominee. Even Judd, who originally targeted GinaMarie, moved off of her as a nominee when others pointed out it would be a wasted week with her being ousted. This has led to success for previous players – Jordan was considered a worthless player who rode coattails until she won at the right time – but mostly, it leads to a third place outing at best. GinaMarie will not win, but her gameplay kept her in for one more week.

Kaitlin had no such luck. Kaitlin had a Veto win and strong play in other games working against her. Her alliance with Jeremy (And ironically, Aaryn) was the proverbial straw in the camel’s back, as other saw her as more dangerous to keep in the House than Aaryn.

The great cosmic joke in this is that by keeping Aaryn in, the remaining HouseGuests forgot the biggest rule of Big Brother – the pendulum will always swing back. Two weeks of rule by “good people” were followed by an Aaryn win tonight in a game of pure chance, slight skill and a dose of dumb luck. Those who accuse the game of “manipulation” to swing the game in Aaryn’s favor forget that had the vote gone differently, Aaryn would not have been in the game to even compete. Had an event occurred today to change the vote, Kaitlin (who had not practiced the game last night) would have remained in the game and Spencer would likely be HoH.

Big Brother is a game of swinging fortunes and strategic gameplay. Both of these have Aaryn sitting in the HoH room once more.

One last note – early discussions have Spencer and Howard being the target of Aaryn’s HoH. While many will read into the nominations as an attack on Howard, it should be noted that the two’s gameplay have left them untrustworthy. Additionally, Aaryn was not the source of the idea to nominate them – Amanda threw the two up as a suggestion that Aaryn agreed with. It will be interesting to see how the next week plays out.


Week Four Results:


Week Four Head of Household: Judd

Judd had what anyone would consider a successful week as HoH. He got his main target out, did so with little bloodshed on his part and has everyone liking him afterwards. While others may have made themselves targets, Judd kept himself clean.


Week Four Veto Winner: Elissa

Elissa won something once more when she needed it. a Veto win kept her off the block after America voted her onto it. While this weakened the overall storyline of Elissa’s nomination, it showed a resilience that she needed. This is important to remember, as we will see later.


Week Four Evictee: Kaitlin

Kaitlin was the lesser of two evils, and this sealed her fate. Her interview with Julie has been judged by many, but one cannot dispute the poise she showed in her departure. One can only hope that Kaitlin learns from her time in the BB house, and as the weakest link in the Mean Girls group she has the best chance of coming out with little blowback.


Week Four Star of the Week: Judd

Rarely does the HoH come out as the Star of the Week in these articles, but Judd’s gameplay this week was masterful. He’s still seen as a “good guy” and he remains a fan favorite.


Week Four Goat of the Week: Elissa

Elissa’s gameplay this week was sketchy at best. As the cause of multiple house blowups this week (including one that aired on the live show tonight), she blew up her remaining alliances and caused her closest ally to suggest that she be put up for eviction. Elissa is on borrowed time, and with few allies left she could be gone if the MVP vote falls against her this week.


Game Play Move of the Week: Elissa tells Kaitlin about the vote to evict her.

Elissa’s rogue actions to move Aaryn out – a move that only served to advance her personal agenda – can only be seen as malicious and intended to hurt Aaryn personally. Aaryn’s actions in the house have been based on poor judgment, but with time and education Aaryn can get past the views she has expressed. Elissa’s actions were meant to hurt Aaryn at the expense of her alliance, a move that did end up costing the alliance one member – Elissa herself.

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