The Likeability Factor

Trust is a major factor in Big Brother. Previous winners have been across the spectrum when it came to trustworthiness, but the people who could not be trusted were often removed from the game before the final run of competitions. More amusing is when someone who should not be trusted becomes the more trusted person over anyone else. Normally, this happens because of factors such as social gameplay – a fact that bore out once more this week. Andy’s continued existence in the game over Elissa is a reminder that no matter who you are related to or whom you are friends with outside, in the end you have to play all aspects of the game if you want a chance to win Big Brother.

Ultimately, Elissa and Amanda’s departures this week came down to one major factor – a severe lack of likeability.

In the case of Amanda, this was the downfall in a game that had (up to about two weeks ago) been a masterful chess game of playing people against each other. What ultimately hurt her was the campaign to get Helen evicted, which led to bad blood with Elissa and her own game imploding. Amanda leaving was simply a matter of time, which ran out once GinaMarie (a person whose own game was being buoyed by social skill despite a severe lack of social grace) came into power.

Amanda’s departure was certain, but not nearly as certain as the eviction following shortly afterwards. Few people in BB History had been as polarizing as Elissa, with diehards complaining about a “legacy” player getting seemingly unfair treatment and a fanbase built up by her sister rooting for her ferociously. Elissa acted as if she had hit a triple, not realizing that she was a designated runner put on Third Base. Her attitude was atrocious, her treatment of the other Houseguests was condescending at best and outright rude at worst, her respect for the game was nil and the result was a severe disliking by almost all of the Houseguests.

Elissa was the complete personification of an entitled player, someone who feels like the game is owed to them. Oftentimes a player like this gets voted out early, but Elissa had the MVP on her side. This twist allowed her far more power than a player of her type would normally get, and this allowed her to get far in the game. It also assured her a spot nowhere near the Final Three.

The Final Five players remaining in the House have one thing in common – no matter how they are perceived outside of the House, inside they are able to get along with almost everyone in the House departing before them. While we as fans may not necessarily like this Final Five, it speaks volumes that the five remaining players are playing remarkable social games that will get two of them the top two prizes in the end.


Week Eleven/Twelve Results:


Week Eleven Head of Household: GinaMarie

From the beginning, it was clear that GinaMarie had the goal in mind of breaking up the McCranda power couple. An alliance had been built to get the power out of their hands, and GinaMarie ended up being the instrument of that move. Her HoH reign was unsuccessful in only one respect – she couldn’t get out the original target. Beyond that, she succeeded.


Week Eleven Veto Winner: McCrae

McCrae wins when he needs to, plain and simple. The veto win saved him from certain eviction this week, but doomed his alliance member in the process. Still, he remains in the game nonetheless.


Week Eleven Evictee: Amanda

When it came down to it, it’s rather remarkable that the final vote for Amanda came down to a tie. The detente with Elissa came at an opportune time, but not the opportune situation. Had the two women known that Andy was no longer aligned with them, it may have changed the vote. Still, Amanda leaves a legacy of powerful game control and weak competitive play. It was a game that could not succeed – even Evel Dick won when he needed to – but it was intriguing to the end.


Week Twelve Head of Household: McCrae

Once again, McCrae won when he needed to do so. McCrae would have been in serious danger tonight had he not won HoH, but by doing so he set in motion the moves that would eliminate his second ally of the evening. Without knowing it, he removed the two allies he had left in the game and managed to probably seal his own fate should he not win veto this week.


Week Twelve Veto Winner: Judd

J-U-DD won once more, and in the process secured the departure of the most polarizing Houseguest seen since the days of her sister. His Exterminators alliance is in perfect position to control the rest of the game.


Week Twelve Evictee: Elissa

Elissa is no longer in the game, following a 3-0 vote against her. That’s all there is to say on that.


Week Eleven/Twelve Star of the Week: McCrae

Two wins in one week are always impressive, no matter the ultimate result. McCrae’s wins extended his time in the game by at least another week, but it remains to be seen where he goes from here.


Week Eleven/Twelve Goat of the Week: Elissa

To be untrusted is one thing – but to be evicted at the first chance because no one trusts or likes you or your gameplay is another. Elissa is the epitome of a goat of the week as for once, she was blamed for something she did not do. To be evicted for Andy’s vote is the icing on the cake of bad gameplay that led to Elissa’s ouster.


Game Play Move of the Week: McCrae wins HoH, nominates Elissa instead of Andy for eviction

For once, this is a Game Play move that had major ramifications against the person who made the move. Had McCrae listened to Amanda on her way out, he may have pieced two and two together and seen that Andy had been lying to them for a while. Instead, he made the move against Elissa based on a lack of trust in her being loyal to him – a move that will possibly seal his own fate next week.


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