The Pendulum’s Swing, Part II – The Other Swing Back

Key to the ability to play Big Brother is the understanding that one will not be in power forever. It is simply a numbers game – eventually, the other side has to get a victory. Inevitably, however, the reigning group makes the mistake of believing that they can win out. More amusing is when a group that finally gets a taste of power makes the exact same mistake a week later.

Sure enough, this mistake was made when Becky came into power this week – a mistake that cost her dearly in the end.

Becky’s reign was one marked by mistakes from the beginning. By not discussing her targets with her own alliance, she allowed the idea of rebellion to foment and ultimately change the week’s evictee. Vanessa had been a target for Becky for a while, but her inability to seal the deal will mark Becky’s reign a HoH as a failure. Indeed, after the Double Eviction Becky finds herself without another key ally.

For its part, the Double Eviction went off smoothly. Steve’s win led to a nomination of Meg and Jackie, and as the two deer sat blinded by the headlights of the oncoming train they could do nothing but wait for the eventual crash. The Double Eviction episode often has the benefit of making the Houseguests even more frazzled than normal, and this was no exception – Meg looked completely lost, and Jackie was never in the game once she was nominated.

This week also showed the strength of the other side of the House – communication. Steve knew where he stood with the other Houseguests, a fact that benefitted him when it came to his own nominations. Meg and Jackie’s lack of communication with Steve were their downfalls this week, and as the pendulum swung back they found themselves ready to be sent out of the game.

This week proved that no one is ever truly out if they put for the the effort to save themselves. It remains to be seen if the remaining Houseguests learn this lesson.


Week Seven Results

Week Seven Head of Household: Becky

Becky won a difficult “slip sliding” competition where she filled the giant tank to win HoH. This was the start of what appeared to be a good week for her initially, but which backfired heavily in the end.

Week Seven Veto Winner: Steve, saved himself, Vanessa placed on block

Steve’s win in the Comic Book Cover competition saved him from very little, as he was never really the target. It did allow him to control his own fate, a power as important as any in the game.

Week Seven Evictee: Shelli

The Bachelorette’s time in the game was done, and she received her final rose… for now. Shell had managed to stay in power through competitions strength and good alliance building for a period, and this may allow her to come back in the game when the revived Houseguest competition inevitably plays out.

Week Seven Player of the Week: Vanessa

From Target to Safety, Vanessa’s week was as erratic as her own conversations. Vanessa was the clear target of Becky, who had made the fatal mistake of not discussing the game plan thoroughly with her “alliance” members. The word alliance is used loosely here, as Becky was an outsider coming into both groups as the weeks progressed. Vanessa had managed to remain safe thanks to strong work on her part and by convincing James that she was the safer person to keep over Shelli.

Week Seven Goat of the Week: Becky

This is the second week in a row that the HoH came out on bottom. Becky made mistakes from day one of her reign – not building consensus over her target was the biggest one. By week’s end, her alliance group had betrayed her and as the night wore on, Becky found herself in worse positioning after the Double Eviction played out.

Game Move of the Week: Vanessa determines she is the true target after meeting with Becky.

Vanessa’s ability to read between the lines after Becky told her that there would be no alliance or deal talks was key in her salvation gamewise.  This clued her in on where she stood, and where she needed to be going forward.

Week Eight Results

Week Eight Head of Household: Steve, wins Double Eviction HoH

Steve’s win was one that he did not want – indeed, he seemed to be throwing it at the end. This move to power was one that didn’t come wantonly, but did come at the right time to remove a threat.
Week Eight Veto Winner: John, Did not use Veto

John proved once more that he is a competitive beast, winning a skill comp to have power over the nominees. His decision not to use the Veto was made with Steve, and has reverberations to the time of this writing.

Week Eight Evictee: Jackie

Jackie felt, even to the end, that she was targeted by Steve as revenge for a previous nomination. She missed the point – that she was a competitive force to reckon with. Additionally, she was a number on the opposite side of where Steve falls at this point. It will be interesting to see if she can come back into the game.

Week Eight Player of the Week: Steve

Though he did not want the power, Steve used it masterfully. Indeed, by evening’s fall he was still not seen as the power behind the nominees – Vanessa took the blame for this. Steve is heavily underestimated in this game, a fact that may bring him to the end.

Week Eight Goats of the Week: Meg, James and Becky

It says something that on Day 57, Meg has been overheard as saying that she is starting to understand how the game is played. This key lack of understanding about something so fundamental as the numbers game of Big Brother is what doomed her this week, and what will likely spell the end of her game going forward.

Game Move of the Week: Steve tells John not to use Veto.

By wielding this call, Steve made the decision to take out a threat rather than his own personal target. This is a brilliant strategic move, one that keeps his eventual target of Becky out of the loop. John, for his part, played the move perfectly by keeping things as they were. His move showed a neutrality that works in his favor, at this time. His ability to read the situation – understanding that his ally Becky would likely go up if he removed a nominee – worked to his advantage as well.

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