The Size Of The Fight In The Dog

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

– Mark Twain

In sports, the above quote is often used to describe what has commonly been referred to as a player’s heart. The most successful athletes have had the inner drive to compete, succeed and conquer. This week showed the antithesis of that, as it was more defined by the lack of fight in Houseguests. From Janelle’s lackluster exit to Wil’s lack of real campaigning before his eventual (but not unavoidable) ouster, we saw players essentially give up in the game.

For many fans, this is sacrilege. So few people have had the opportunity to play Big Brother that anyone who is seen as “not putting their heart into it” is seen as a wasted spot, a body filling a slot that could have been filled by a true competitor. Say what you may about Mike “Boogie” Malin, but he is fully invested in getting as far as he can in the game. On the opposite end was Wil, who appeared to have mentally checked out and was ready to leave before Jury.

Although there was a weak attempt to save himself near the end of the week, the lack of fight from Wil for most of the week is inexcusable. If a player campaigns but resigns himself to inevitable eviction, that is one thing- in this case, Wil could have saved himself and consciously did not do so. Wil can be seen as one of the more disappointing players to ever come into the house, based on early potential and manner of eviction. By the end of his time in the house, even his comedic routines had become grating to other Houseguests who didn’t see him as being genuine or trustworthy.

On the opposite side of this was Joe, who managed to save himself with a toned-down approach combined with an improvement in overal social gameplay. Joe remaining in the game can be attributed as much to Wil’s weak efforts as to his own improved game, but his contribution to his remaining in the game cannot be overlooked.

After a relatively quiet week, the HoH Long-distance Physical Competition showed the priorities of several Houseguests. Britney was aiming for safety, an insurance policy that she would live to fight another week. Boogie’s mindset was one in which he clearly felt safe already, and he went for self-interest by aiming directly for the $10,000- a goal that he alone aimed for. Shane was clearly not feeling safe and made his move for HoH in a performance that far and away dominated over the others.

Week 5 Final Results

Eviction #5 – Wil

Wil never quite appeared completely into the game, rebelled against the initial twist and talked bad about many. That he never seemed “real” on feeds and was constantly “on” when the cameras were on him indicated more of a self-promotion angle than a real attempt to win Big Brother. Added to this was a lack of trustworthiness that led to his downfall. He will not be missed.

HoH #6 – Shane

From Have-not to HoH. This 14th season of Big Brother has been defined by Shane as much as by Boogie and Frank, and his dominance in physical comps has been amazing. From early on, there was little question who was winning the HoH.

Stars of the Week – Britney, Boogie

This week saw the return of the fun Britney,  who was much more humorous in her interactions with others than in earlier weeks. Along with that was a much better social game than in her first 3 weeks. Added to this was her win in the Safety portion of the HoH competition, and the guaranteed ability to play in the next HoH comp. The next week will be fun for the Li’l Blonde Ball o’Hate.

Consolation Star of the Week goes to Boogie, who managed to puppet master his way through another week unscathed and won $10,000 in this HoH competition.

Loser of the Week – Danielle

That she was a have-not was bad enough, but to learn about the perception of you by the viewing public from Zingbot was the icing on the cake for Danielle.

Game Move of the Week – Wil’s weak reply to Boogie and Frank in initial conversations about nominations

Wil’s inability to be trusted following his pre-nomination conversation with Boogie and Frank led directly to his nomination, targeting and eviction. Not since Lawon’s “put me up” game call last week has a player so directly led to their own departure.

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