The Unfinished Symphony of The Big Move

The concept of “The Big Move” is one that most commonly excites fans of Big Brother. This makes sense, normally – after all, when fans are looking for a “Big Move” this typically means they want a move to be made that helps their favorite player. In and of itself, there is nothing wrong with this; after all, the idea of watching without a favorite is one that most fans do not ascribe to and having favorite players is perfectly acceptable as a way to watch the show.

While fans love Big Moves, however, Big Brother Houseguests traditionally are very wary of doing so with good reason – Big Moves get people evicted.

Witness the results of tonight’s Double Eviction episode and you can easily see the threads come together. Up until 24 hours ago, Michelle was the primary target of Paulie and generally considered to be the likely evictee. It was Bridgette who proposed the idea of a Big Move to get Zakiyah out instead, putting together a team of dissatisfied former allies of Paulie to vote out the closest perceived ally to him. Bridgette’s plan could work, but the key concept of the Big Move is that for it to be successful, it must have follow-through. Without that, Big Moves are only successful in the moment.

Tonight’s article title is a reference to the movie “Tin Cup.” In it, the lead character is a golf pro whose swing has a short, almost nonexistent follow-through after hitting the ball. He refers to his swing as “The Unfinished Symphony,” meant to imply he never finishes what he starts. Consequently, he is mostly unsuccessful in his endeavors.

In Big Brother history, most Big Plays are more like Unfinished Symphonies. They look great at first, but without the follow-through they come up short in the end. Most often, these happen in the tense rush of Double Eviction episodes where the follow-through cannot be easily planned at minimum, and impossible to pull off at most. Sometimes, this comes down to a simple case of bad luck – witness this week’s episode as proof. Had most players not been knocked out with a dumb luck question, it is possible that the alliance that voted out Zakiyah may have consolidated their power with a move to take out either Paulie or a key ally. Instead, the HoH win set up a series of events that took out the player that orchestrated the Big Move effort.

That, in a nutshell, is why former Houseguests and longtime fans are wary of any time someone pushes for a Big Move. The streets of CBS Studios are littered with the crushed games of players who couldn’t finish what they had started.

Going forward, what happens will mainly depend on who wins HoH tonight. Following the vents of tonight, the House can effectively be called split in terms of alliances. Lines were drawn in some cases, but the main threat to win the entire game still exists in the form of Paulie. The alliances of several players are in flux at best, and for the first time this season it is anyone’s game to win. Some people can be predicted in terms of their strategy – Paulie will go after Michelle and Natalie, as an example. Natalie will target Paulie and Corey, with Nicole as a backup. The true question are those players in flux – Victor, Paul and James have moved between alliances, and their loyalties cannot easily be determined.

Tonight’s Big Move attempt did provide one thing – drama. With one Showmance removed from the equation and allies on both sides taken out, the game will move faster than before.

Week 8 Results:

Week 8 Head of Household: Victor

Victor’s tenure as HoH was a bit of a mixed bag, but it did do one thing – keep him in good graces with all sides. At this point in the game, that is a win under most circumstances.

Week 8 Veto Winner: Paulie, Did Not Use Veto.

Paul had one chance to avoid the move against him tonight, but his arrogance in believing he had the numbers directly caused the results tonight. Paulie’s refusal to save Zakiyah put her in the position to be voted out, and his lack of foresight left himself heavily exposed once the plan to move against him came to fruition.

Week 8 Evictee: Zakiyah

Zakiypah’s entire game was lost the moment she fell for Paulie. For a player with so much potential, she fell into a bad position –  the moll. Zakiypah’s game had a chance to succeed had she stayed in the game mentally, and in the end she was seen more as a way to hurt a stronger player. She will not be missed.

Week 8 Player of the Week: Bridgette

Bridgette led the efforts to remove Zakiyah, and her work succeeded insofar as she lasted 35 minutes longer in the game. Still, she weakened Paulie’s game with the removal of Zakiyah and her new ally Michelle remains in the game.

Week 8 Goat of the Week: Zakiyah

When you’re seen as a person whose sole strength is as an ally to a stronger player, you’re toast. Zakiyah’s efforts to stay in were as weak as her overall game and her departure was a fait accompli.

Week 8 Game Move of the Week: Bridgette aligns multiple players against Paulie’s wishes and coordinates Zakiypah’s departure.

The lasting legacy of Bridgette in this game depends on the HoH winner this week, but it cannot be denied that taking out an ally of Paulie was a good game move in that moment. It was the follow-through that left much to be desired.

Week 9 Results:

Week 9 Head of Household: Corey

While most weeks have seen Corey be the subject of online scorn and some ridicule, it cannot be denied that he had a strong performance in the Double Eviction this week. Winning HoH was the start.

Week 9 Veto Winner: Corey, Did Not Use Veto.

Corey’s success continued in winning the infamous “clown show” Veto competition, and by assuring his noms stayed the same a key enemy was taken out.

Week 9 Evictee: Bridgette

Bridgette’s lack of follow-through was what caused her downfall, plain and simple. By losing early in the HoH competition, she lost the power to dictate her own week.

Week 9 Player of the Week: Corey

Corey managed to do something remarkable – he took out a key enemy without really getting blood on his hands. This was a consensus move, one that is seen as a move more by Paulie than Corey.

Week 9 Goat of the Week: Bridgette

Being the one evicted in a Double Eviction, especially after attempting a Big Move, typically isn’t fun. Bridgette was at a loss for why she was voted out, but her fingerprints were all over the move to evict Zakiyah. Not seeing how this would affect her future if she didn’t follow through with a win in the Double Eviction was a key mistake.

Week 9 Game Move of the Week: Corey wins Veto, preserving his original evictee nominations.

Corey guided Bridgette’s loss into position by winning Veto after the HoH win, and while he is now vulnerable depending on the new HoH he is still not seen as the primary target.

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