There Are No Winners

For several years now, I have written an analytical review article discussing the week that was in Big Brother. This season has found difficulty in analyzing a season with such poor game play, and when looking for points to analyze in terms of positive game play I have found myself lacking in inspiration. This is not the entire house, mind you – one player has mastered the game to the point that he is most likely to win unless something massive changes in the game. Paul’s game play has been exemplary in terms of controlling the game, charismatic leadership of his alliance and chess moves designed to weaken and eliminate his opponents.

It is an impressive effort that has been put forward – but one that removes the ability to see the best moves of anyone else playing the game.

This is the crux of the issue, really, when analyzing Big Brother 19 as a season at the halfway point. There are only two players really playing their own games right now, and unless Cody engineers a herculean effort to save himself there will be only one remaining by next week’s end. Typically, the game is fun to examine and watch for the strategy and game play. That is not the case this season.

It is because of this at until such time as a major game paradigm shift occurs – that being s true split in the House alliances – I find I am unable to write these articles effectively and as such will wait until that happens. This may be next week, or it may come later in the game. Until such time, though, the game is impossible to really analyze with any sort of efficiency.

This does not indicate a lack of enjoyment in the series – far from it. This also does not indicate my separation from any other aspect of our fandom – I will still be tweeting, live-watching and performing my role on the BB Chatter LIVE! podcast every Tuesday night. IT does, however, signify a break that is needed from trying to figure out what sort of strategy is occurring in the game.

This article will return in earnest, once there is something to properly analyze in terms of clear strategy and game play. Until then, I will be watching alongside you all.