Thinning The Ranks

In Big Brother, it is not unusual to see someone target a member of their own alliance for eviction. Typically, this is done when that member of the alliance is deemed to be a risk or disloyal. This past week has been no exception, with Faysal targeting Scottie for declared disloyalty, both real and exaggerated. At times, this move has led to later success for the streamlined alliance.

This time, however, it likely signalled the death Knell of the Hive alliance – and the blame for this is entirely Faysal’s to accept.

While Scottie has had moments of disloyalty (witness his admitted voting-out of Chris in Week 2), for the most part he has worked with the goals of the Hive alliance in mind. Added to this is his loyalty to Haleigh, spurred on by his feelings for her. Those feelings, however, put him squarely in the targets of Faysal. Spurred by JC, Faysal set about ensuring his former ally was sent out of the House this week – and it worked.

What has not been considered, however, is the effect to long-term game strategy. Faysal has placed his hopes on a potential alliance with Angela and Tyler – an alliance that is not being accepted as of this writing. He has put himself in a position of weakness, given that he is in a known partnership with Haleigh. He has placed Haleigh’s own game in jeopardy, through association.

Sadly, he demonstrated a lack of awareness of the key truth of alliances – you have to trust your alliance mates. The Hive alliance has been defined by a lack of trust in each other, and no week has shown this as much as Faysal’s HoH reign. he showed a lack of trust in Haleigh at multiple times, and his jealous nature led to Scottie being seen as a threat.

Faysal has managed to survive through this far in the game because he was considered harmless. Going forward, he now has multiple competition wins under his belt. The days of being ignored are numbered, and with no allies left he may find the end of his game to be sooner rather than later.

Week Eight Recap:

Week Eight HoH: Fessy

He got his target out, but going after Scottie in the first place was a mistake. Faysal has failed to see the true threat in the game, and this obliviousness has led to a further weakening of his alliance.

Initial Week Eight Nominees: Scottie, Brett

Week Eight Veto Winner: Brett, Removed himself

Brett won the “mess up the House” Veto comp, and kept himself safe with a strategy that emphasized defense.

Final Week Eight Nominations: Scottie, Kaycee

Week Eight Evictee: Scottie

Scottie never truly recovered from an early decision to boot Chris, but he also suffered from being an outsider much of his time in the game. bad strategy decisions over time didn’t help, and a final strategy to try to get Sam nominated for eviction backfired heavily.

Star of the Week, Week Eight: Brett

In a quiet week, Brett put himself ahead by winning Veto.

Goat of the Week, Week Eight: Haleigh

Haleigh lost one ally and has her game at risk now, from decisions made by Faysal. She will suffer the ramifications of this week’s game play.

Game Move of the Week: Faysal targets Scottie for eviction, further weakening the Hive alliance.

This move may have done more to benefit the L6 side than anything this year, as Faysal made moves to target a comp winner on his side.