Turning Tides

It can often be said in the Big Brother House that the success and failure of any player’s game shifts each week much like the tide rolls in and out. Going from the zenith of power to the nadir of helplessness isn’t just a possibility, it’s an expected and somewhat regular occurrence. The years are littered with the corpses of gameplay that took “tragic falls” from one week to another, and many a player has felt the sting of Julie’s Boudoir a mere 7 days after being in “total control” of the house.

Rarely, however, has an alliance felt such a stinging rebuke as Britney’s team did in the past 7 days. From having three strong players and an alliance with a power trio to having one player remaining, Britney’s tenure as coach can only be described as having one major success so far. But what a success it is, folks.

Shane has turned into the true power player, with two vetoes and an HoH win under his belt. This pick turned out to be he best play Britney has made so far in a game that has been less than stellar otherwise. Witness the eviction of JoJo if any further proof is needed.

Britney’s weakness as a coach was underestimating her team’s ability to talk itself out of any positive advances it may make. JoJo proved this in her lackluster attempts to sway then-HoH Frank that she could be used as an ally. The most damning proof of this was the CBS edit that showed JoJo trying to talk Frank into keeping her, Frank saying he had told her she would be a target if he stayed, then showing the VERY FOOTAGE of that conversation. Add to this JoJo’s ramblings about being loyal (to the Houseguest everyone wanted out) and being a valuable player (who in her final appeal managed to clinch a “well, that was a bad speech” nomination this season) and the writing was on the wall before the vote was ever cast.

Her strength, on the other hand, was picking the one guy who can play through pain. Shane’s back notwithstanding, he has proven to be potentially the strongest player in the house save for Frank. His targets this week may prove to be interesting, especially given his willingness to work alongside Dan. It will be interesting to see how this week turns out, given the target being placed upon the two strongest House Teams. It is a safe bet to say that Janelle and Boogie’s alliance may not be as strong once they have to face losing one of their players.

In the end, though, all of this may be moot. The America’s Choice regarding the coaches has come into play, and coaches will probably be coming into the game as early as next week. This is where the house’s decision to lose JoJo may come back to hurt many in the game. By keeping Danielle, they also kept Dan. This leaves a former winner in the house, keeps two players in that could have been removed this week and ultimately may turn the tide towards a surprise winner of this season’s Big Brother.

Week 2 Full Results:

Eviction #2.5 – Willie

Willie’s removal has been much discussed on this site and by this author, but one final note must be made- following his departure, he still displayed the same boorish behavior that got him removed and capped it off with an arrest for Operating While Intoxicated, an arrest during which he tried to run from the cops. So long, Willie. We hardly wanted to knew ye.

Eviction #3 – JoJo

When all you can do is talk about loyalty to the most hated player in the house as your strongest asset, you’re pretty much screwed. JoJo is NoMo, and had to GoGo.

HoH #3 Shane Coach – Britney

Britney’s first pick has proven to be her MVP. Shane alone has nearly made up for the utter failure of her two other picks, and now has the chance to demonstrate smart gameplay along with physical gameplay with his HoH week.

Star of the Week – Frank

If there could be a textbook example of “games opposite of Willie’s,” Frank would be the example. His HoH week accomplished the takedown of one of his two original targets, removed a threat to his game, aligned most of the house in the vote and did so with little blood on his own hands. After his HoH week, he wasn’t even considered a primary target by the guy whom he had paced on the block a week before. That’s a successful week, by any definition.

Loser of the Week – Willie

Ahem… Duh.

Game Move of the Week – Joe’s talking back to Willie

Joe had called his chance to agitate Willie earlier in the afternoon, and his off-hand comment to Willie (which in all fairness could be viewed as innocent at that particular moment) set off Willie, leading to the incident that ultimately ousted Willie from the game. This one event set off major changes for the season, and crippled Willie’s former alliance.

One Last Note

I have been humbled by the feedback I’ve been receiving on these articles for the site, and am extremely grateful of your feedback. I enjoy writing for the site, and will appreciate any feedback you may have. Thanks!

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