Veto Not Used – Frank & Kara Nominees

In an unsurprising Veto ceremony this afternoon, Shane, the winner of the first Veto Competition of the summer decided to not use the Power of Veto to change Nominations, leaving Model Kara and Unemployed Frank on the block.

With the votes still up in the air and deals being made between everybody and their (Russel Hantz’s) Brother, what will ultimately happen on Thursday is unknown. It seems alliances are being made, including but not limited to, a potential ‘Brigade’ between Frank, Shane and Willie under the tutelage of Mike Boogie himself, a one week deal with Willie and Kara, and Britney and Janelle’s alliance of their teams, but which one is a true long-term game busting deal is a huge question mark for us viewers.

With the game only in its first week, the amount of game play, deal making (and obvious future deal breaking) happening this soon is a feedsters paradise. The inclusion of legendary players as coaches has turned up the speed of the game from zero to sixty in less than eight days. While it is great for us as viewers, the long term effects of such strenuous game play so early is already starting to show on the stress levels of some of the newbies, and the coaches themselves have mentioned numerous times that this first week has much more happening than their previous seasons.

One thing is for sure – things are heating up fast in the Big Brother house!

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