Veto Used – Frank & Janelle Up

Time to eat my words, folks; Danielle used the Veto.

The scrambling and deal making between the Veto win and the Ceremony was Big Brother at its best. Multiple alliances were formed and revealed, and the most relevant to this situation is now called the Silent Six.

After Dani won the Veto, Boogie turned his game on full blast. With Frank in peril, he knew that now was the time to form a majority alliance with the people who have been dominating competitions since day one. As Shane and Danielle are the only Veto and HOH winners to date, besides Frank himself, he set up shop in the HOH and proposed the following; a final six deal with Dan, Danielle, Britney and Shane. Thus, the Silent Six was born. They whisper huddled and everything.

It took time, and lots of debating, including the formation and influence of a secret final five deal with Britney, Dan, Shane, Danielle and Ian. Ian, the Big Brother Lexicon, went through the Pros and Cons of his secret team (`The Quack Pack`) aligning with Frank and Boogie, his `former` team mates. Keeping Ian in their back pocket, the solid foursome of Britney and Dan, along with their last `players`, are positioned well in the weeks to come.

Janelle was blindsided this morning when, under the impression that she was fully aligned with the foursome, Danielle used the Veto to pull down her former player, Wil, and placed her on the block in his stead. Unsurprisingly, she was the first up in the HOH with Danielle, trying to figure out how the hell it had happened.

Danielle, keeping her alliances out of the mix, told Janelle she heard from multiple sources Janelle was gunning for her, that she (Janelle) had been distant with her for days and she put her up against Frank so there would still be the option of getting him out.

Now Janelle has to rally votes, even though the writing is on the wall. The Silent Six have the five votes needed, as Boogie is 98% sure he`ll be able to sway Ian. So she will be walking out the door as long as the newly formed alliance doesn`t crumble.

In a surprising twist last night, another alliance was `revealed` in the early morning hours. Jenn, Ashley and Wil planted themselves on the backyard couch and hashed out the possibilities for the week. Team Tits (yes, really), came on to the idea that Boogie and Frank were trying to sell the idea of backdooring Janelle and after dismissing it at first, came back to the topic and said that they`d be all for it. Tired of Janelle`s attitude, games, lies and manipulations, not to mention that she`s a dreaded coach, they came to the conclusion that it just may happen, and she could possibly be sent out the door in an 8 – 1 vote; Joe being the only vote to keep her. It seems like sending her home is a certainty this week, but things are never certain in the BB house.

We`ll see what kind of campaigning and wheedling goes on before Thursday, and if she can sway enough (any) votes to keep her. Watch out, old Janelle just may make an appearance this week, though it may be too little, too late.

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they really need to get rid of boogie and frank cause they will take it all to the end how dumb are all of them,they have stupid written on all of their forheads duh.

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