Veto Used, Jenn & Boogie Nominated

Frank used the Veto to take himself off the block today and an unsuspecting Jenn was nominated in his place. After days of having all of their allies, including Jenn and Ashley, campaign for Dan to be the replacement nominee, Frank and Boogie are not happy (the understatement of the season) with Shane.

After the Veto Ceremony they stomped around the house, threatening and raging at Shane, stating that he’s Dans bitch, and he has now made himself the number one target in the house by screwing them over. Of course, the fact that Shane didn’t do what they wanted him to do and made a game move for himself just makes them seethe all the more.

With the votes practically locked to send Boogie home, the Quack Pack holds Boogies BB life in their hands. The chances of them or anyone sending Jenn home over him are almost nil. Taking out a previous winner and major power player in the game is the smartest move, but Frank and Boogie have a sense of entitlement and have no qualms in showing their displeasure by trash talking everybody who they feel has done them wrong.

Of course, the fact that they are storming around the house threatening people, throwing backhanded complements and outright insults around is rubbing people the wrong way and will ultimately be their downfall.

Jenn didn’t take her nomination well at all, either. She had no idea that she was a consideration as a replacement and accosted Shane shortly after she was put on the block, asking point blank ‘What the hell is going on?’ and flat out telling Dan that he’s digging his own grave. Knowing that pawns do sometimes go home, she is now forced to actually play the game instead of sitting back and letting everybody else play for her and float until the end.

Ian, on the other hand is playing the situation masterfully. Fooling Frank and Boogie into thinking he’s with them, convincing Joe that he’s against Shane and the rest of the Quack Pack and keeping himself in Jenns good graces by giving her support and a sympathetic ear.

From now until Thursday there will be lots of drama and campaigning in the house, and it’ll be interesting to see how everything plays out during the live Fast Forward Double Eviction episode. The lines have been drawn, let the fireworks begin!

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