Victoria Used Veto – Brittany & Donny Nominated

When Victoria won the Veto this week, everybody knew that there would need to be a replacement nominee. With Cody as HOH and most of the house in some alliance or another with him, the choices were quite limited. With the opportunity ripe for a backdoor, Zach and a few other housemates tried to convince Cody to target and get rid of Caleb, the biggest threat to Cody’s game.

However, Brittany remained the target for the majority of his alliance members as she is more of a threat to their games, and Cody was convinced to make a move to benefit them, not himself. When the feeds returned to show Donny sitting next to Brittany, it showed how little Cody understands this game, and I’ll be laughing when Caleb is instrumental in evicting him. It’s just a matter of time.