Willie Out & Shane Won Veto

Yesterday was quite an eventful day inside the Big Brother house, if not on the feeds. Trivia started in the afternoon while the Coaches Competition took place. A balancing, collecting and stacking challenge that in the end was won by Janelle, who decided to skip trading any of her players and saved Ashley from the threat of nomination.

She also won the right to choose the Have-Nots for the week, unsurprisingly targeting Team Britney making Willie, JoJo and Shane (for the second straight week) Have-Nots. One more was needed and Ian, being the ultimate good sport (crazy), volunteered to spend another week in the vortex. The good thing about being a Have-Not this week is the Americas Vote food began and now they can eat pork rinds and pudding to their hearts content.

Willie, however, didn’t take going from the HOH to the Have-Not Room very well at all. In fact, in the few minutes of feeds we saw after the Coaches Competition, he stormed around pissed off, threatened violence, and started to have a complete Big Brother meltdown. After a bit of that, he raged through the living room indiscriminately cursing the players he despised, dropping F and C bombs like they were ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Predictably, the feeds were cut off and almost four hours of trivia began.

When they returned, the nominations were over and Willie was nowhere to be found. Britney, JoJo and Shane were in the Have-Not room bemoaning their situation and cursing Willie. Shane and JoJo revealed that they were on the block and with Willie still MIA we were unsure of what went down. Not long after, the picture became clearer when multiple house guests recounted the same story: Willie cracked and exploded on the house, reportedly throwing pork rinds at Janelle and head-butting Joe multiple times. Unsurprisingly, that was enough for him to be thrown out of the game.

While doing his rounds in the house, he said multiple times to Shane and JoJo that he was going to take the heat off of them, but being kicked out before nominations, he guaranteed that they would be thrown into the fire. If you remember in season 11, Chima was expelled after being nominated and it counted as the eviction for the week. Perhaps he thought it would be the same for him and Frank would be unable to nominate anybody since Willie, his target, was already out of the house. Alas, he acted too soon, and had he waited a mere three hours until after he had been nominated, he may have succeeded in saving his teammates.

Now, for today’s events: the players of the Veto competition were chosen this morning in the Big Brother House, so along with Frank, Shane and JoJo, Ian, Wil and Ashley had the chance to win the Veto.

It was a messy competition as everybody who participated was either freshly showered or still covered in green goo when the feeds returned from the Veto competition. Britney was giddy in the HOH room, praising Shane for another win and trying not to rub it in too hard to the other coaches that were gathered there.

Shane was a goop covered mess in the washroom waiting for a cold shower, clad in Peter Pan tights and the Veto around his neck.

Now that we know Shane will use the Veto, the question is who the replacement nominee will be. One possibility is that Danielle will be sitting in the red chair on Monday, and if she’s evicted it is assumed Dan will be leaving the game at the same time. Ian’s name has also been floated around, but with almost two full days until the Veto Ceremony a lot can change.

Who knows what may happen between now and then? So stay tuned.

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