Worst to First

In the annals of Big Brother history, there have been players whose names evoke immediate reaction. Their gameplay was so legendary, so remarkable that fans across the land remember their names to this day… as the worst players to ever be in the House. From Mike “The Godfather” of BB5 to Brian in BB10 and Keith (and by extension, the entirety of “The Regulators) in BB13, these players played or overplayed so poorly that their fellow Houseguests were given essentially a free week to slide through.

After this week, a new name has been added to this pantheon of horrible gameplay – Joey.

The first thing we saw of Joey was an entry interview and first episode profile focused around her political beliefs and intention to form some sort of alliance amongst the women of the House. From the beginning, Joey seemed to be defined by how polarizing she could be in the House.  The first thing we saw of her inside the House was her streaking – this was amusing and titillating to be sure, but the fandom quickly turned on Joey.

Frankly put, she was annoying. More to the point, though – she was not a good player of the game. Joey had made things clear early on that she was not a fan of the show going in, but that she watched multiple seasons of the show while in Sequester. She appeared to take all of the wrong lessons of the previous seasons to heart – build too big of an alliance early on. Play Loud and “sassy” to keep yourself always on peoples’ minds. Make others see you as an overly strong player and a threat. Talk up the things you tried to do early on.

Mostly, she didn’t remember the big lesson that the best players of this game demonstrate – lay low early on, and don’t draw ire towards yourself. Joey failed on all of these things, and her departure was sealed with a 13-0 eviction vote and the ignominy of being the First Player Evicted in Big Brother 16.

Week One Results:

Week One HoH: Caleb, Frankie eliminated per Battle of the Block

Caleb’s Head of Household has been defined not so much by his play or the events of who left but by his fixation upon the fair Amber. Everything he did seemed to be defined by her, and his actions completely were overtaken by this. It came to Devin’s advantage at times when he used this to maneuver Caleb’s decisions. Caleb ultimately failed as an HoH in that he missed the importance of taking out an important or powerful player that was working against you. His distractions seemed to keep him from realizing the main lesson every HoH needs to learn – don’t waste your opportunity to advance your own game.

Week One Veto Winner: Donny

Donny was nominated because of suspicions about his true job and beliefs that he was more than he presented. His win and behaviors turned around many who suspected him, and his Veto win pleased a majority of fans who would then vote him into Team America.

Week One Evictee: Joey

Once more, the evictee’s fate was entirely of the hands of the player who went out. Had Joey not revealed the truth about her attempts to create an alliance, she would have been seen as a non-threat. Instead, she made it easy toput her up once Donny came down. Joey then exacerbated the situation with strange actions, poorer gameplay and outright telling people she would target them for eviction were she to remain in the house. She will, sadly, not be missed.

Week One Player of the Week: Frankie

Few players have made the most of the first two weeks inside the House like Frankie. He is well-liked all over, has no real enemies and is seen as not much of a threat. He showed remarkable social gameplay, as well as the ability to last when needed in a physical competition. Frankie can go far, provided he doesn’t tick off other players.

Week One Goat of the Week: Joey

Joey made an enemy of herself, and made it worse by acting erratic and foolish in her gameplay.

Game Move of the Week: Joey reveals the attempt to form an All-Women alliance.

By revealing what she had done, Joey painted a huge target on her back that the Kentucky hunter was all too eager to aim at. Her “game move” of trying to build the alliance and then revealing it was the biggest move of the week.