You Better Not Miss

There is an old adage, made popular by Omar Little in the HBO show “The Wire” that goes “You come at the King, you better not miss.” This, simply put, means that if you are going to make a big move you need to make sure that it will be successful as much as you possibly can. The entire run of this current season of Big Brother can be summarized by that quote, when one examines the play so far. Twice, two different people have targeted major players. In one instance, the target was removed.

The failure of the other, however, set the stage for the early part of the season and doomed Cody to an early exit.

In truth, the games of Paul and Cody can be considered somewhat similar with one major difference – Paul, for all his faults, has an excellent social game whereas Cody’s lack of a social game was called out by Julie Chen herself in his exit interview. Both felt the need to make big moves – Cody out of ego, Paul out of response. Cody’s move to eliminate Paul failed out of lack of knowledge – in truth, there was no way he could predict Paul’s safety following the Den of Temptation win. Cody maintained a chip on his shoulder (somewhat deserved, in hindsight) that followed him out of the House.

Paul’s move to eliminate Cody succeeded from a variety of factors – Cody’s insistence in secrecy that alienated his alliance members, Paul’s social game that endeared him to the majority of the House and a sympathetic viewing of Christmas following her injury. There can be little doubt that animosity towards Cody following his HoH reign was high – and his attitude towards the game and others in it was not exactly endearing either. Moreover, Cody’s overall refusal to campaign for himself during the bulk of his last week did not help matters either.

Still, for all of his misses in the game Cody did make one game move that had ramifications – his choice of answers for Dominique’s interview during her “talk show” segment. With just a few choice answers that falsely implicated others in his plans to backdoor Paul, Cody planted seeds of doubt in everyone and made Dom look the worse for her interview questions. Cody’s reasoning for this was simple – he was trying to save Jessica, his strategic and romantic partner in the game. This appears to have worked, as Dom is now the primary target and Jessica is a pawn this week.

With Cody’s (possibly temporary) ouster from the game, targets are not as clear as they had been a mere week before. Dom is the current target of HoH Alex, in an unexpected Fast Forward week. Beyond that, the game is anyone’s to win or lose.

Week Two Results:

Week Two HoH: Paul

In a game that Paul won a year ago and hosted during BBOTT, it is of no surprise that he won it again. Paul took full advantage of his HoH reign, evicting his main target easily in a true backdoor move that succeeded. Still, many fans noted his ego growing during the week. His consolidation of power, however, has continued and Paul is a major early player in the game.

Week Two Veto Winner: Paul

By running the Veto competition faster than anyone else (by three minutes, to boot) Paul ensured that his backdooring of Cody would work. This, in a game where the traditional backdoor is not easily done, is impressive.

Week Two Eviction: Cody

In truth, the writing on the wall was evident less than an hour after Cody’s reign was over as HoH. There was no way that Cody would survive unless he played in and won Veto. Neither happened, and he was gone. Cody may return with the Battle Back competition this week, but it is not a guaranteed return.

Week Two Player of the Week: Paul

With a true backdoor plan successfully performed and both HoH and Veto power achieved, few could argue that Paul had the best week in the House.

Week Two Goat of the Week: Jessica

Jessica’s week never came out of the dumps. She was a Have-Not, she kept herself shut off from the other Houseguests and her attempts to rebuild with Christmas were undone by her own words.

Week Two Game Move of the Week: Dom Hosts a Talk Show That Allows Cody to Plant Misinformation.

As a rule, Houseguest-hosted segments typically are not entertaining when they are made up by the Houseguest themselves. Indeed, Dom’s efforts to make a “talk show” have been mostly met with indifference or outright scorn. Still, her interview with the nominated Houseguests led to Cody’s successful efforts to get Jessica out of the target sights for most players this week.